About Us


Methyl-Life was founded by Jamie Horn in November of 2011. She was inspired to start the company after making a dramatic recovery when diagnosed as an A1298C MTHFR mutant and then treated with the appropriate supplements for that and other genetic mutations. Methyl-Life is a small company at this stage, but dedicated to customer satisfaction and providing the highest quality supplements at the best possible prices.



The main objective of Methyl-Life is to help people find a better quality of life by providing supplements that are specific to genetic needs. We strive to do this by choosing the highest quality ingredients that are the market’s most bioactive (or directly absorbable by the body). Specifically we are packaging ingredients that can supplement health by bridging over the MTHFR gene mutation gaps.

We believe genetic mutations are like leaky water valves, you may not notice them at first, but over time they can cause more and more damage. These genetic mutations can allow environmental factors to create disease faster in the body. Therefore supplementing with ingredients that are genetically ‘right’ for your particular mutations not only helps to promote health and prolong disease, but it also increases quality of life. And that’s our main goal, to help you increase the quality of life you have here on earth. Life is short and we want to see you live it to the fullest!


Methylfolate changed my life!

Jamie’s story – from super sick to Methyl-Life in a few short months.