Your situation is not as uncommon as you may think. Our founder spent years trying to identify the source of her consistent pain and fatigue – and then was diagnosed with the MTHFR genetic condition. Methylfolate – an active form of vitamin B9 – was the answer to her issues. It enabled her body to convert folic acid from the food we eat into the enzyme that we need.

Thus, the inspiration for the Methyl-Life range of supplements. Our products were created to enhance the quality of life of those with MTHFR mutations. We’re about only using “good stuff’ – when it comes to our ingredients and our process, our products are pure, with no junk or fillers.

Beyond quality, is our passion for being an ally of those with the MTHFR condition. We’re here to keep you informed by sharing the science as it evolves, giving you the facts, and delivering honest answers to potentially complex questions.

The symptoms you or a loved one are experiencing can be frustrating, we understand that all too well. So, let us help. Be part of the Methyl-Life community and find real compassion and support for what you’re going through.

Hi, I’m Jamie Hope, Founder of Methyl-Life.


Personal Stories

Jarod’s Story – Chronic Illness

I have been sick, strange, and angry my entire life. Now I am close to being healthy after a lifetime of living with chronic health and mental issues. I don’t have words.


Personal Stories

Jan’s Story – A Daughter’s Anxiety

I have been so pleased with your product as it has helped my 13 year old daughter tremendously with her anxiety for the past 6 months. Our Pediatrician told us to try L-Methylfolate...


Personal Stories

Kim’s Story – Depression

took my first pill yesterday, and I am not sure if it’s possible or just in my head, but by the time I got home from work, I was in a good mood ...

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