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A Suggested Methylation Protocol

When you have an MTHFR deficiency, the solution is not always straightforward. Symptoms vary. Testing can be confusing. Figuring out what to do with your test results can be bewildering! That’s why Methyl-Life is dedicated to bringing you the resources your need to...

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Methyl-Life Manufacturing Process

Here at Methyl-Life, we are proud of the superior quality of our ingredients and our process. After all, we were born from the desire of our founder, Jamie Horn, to make products that she would want to take herself as part of her own MTHFR treatment plan! Our products...

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A Doctor Explains: Dr. Neil Rawlins on MTHFR

At Methyl-Life, we love sharing resources that help MTHFR community members get educated and keep informed about topics relevant to the health and well-being of folks with an MTHFR diagnosis. Are you interested in learning more about MTHFR, or about how you can use a...

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Resources to Support Your MTHFR Health Needs

If you’ve just received an MTHFR diagnosis or you are discovering that you are experiencing symptoms of MTHFR gene defects, it can be overwhelming. So, it’s helpful to know that you are not alone. Here at Methyl-Life, we’ve compiled a list of helpful...

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Folate vs. folic acid: what you need to know

This is a common question among health-conscious people who want to ensure they are getting all the right nutrients. In some parts of the world, the terms folate and folic acid are used interchangeably. This leads to confusion. Here we will try to clarify the...

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Nine Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Could you suffer from Vitamin B12 deficiency without knowing it? Vitamin B12 is a powerhouse vitamin that not only enables the production of DNA, but also helps generate nerve and blood cells, making vitamin B12 vital for a healthy brain and immune system. In fact,...

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What is methylated folic acid?

Methylated folic acid, also more correctly referred to as methylfolate, is a nutrient that belongs to the vitamin B family. The body needs folate and cannot produce it on its own, so folate needs to be consumed in the diet or by supplementation.  Folate is primarily...

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