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Vitamin B performs a number of important functions in the body, such as making nerves, DNA, and red blood cells to name a few. The problem here is that this particular vitamin is not made by your body, which means you are in charge of making sure that you get enough each day to allow

Losing weight appears to be one of the most common problems in today’s society.  There is no magic pill that can help you solve this problem.  Changing your diet completely and adopting a healthy lifestyle is hard and takes a long time, but is well worth it. The good news is that you can speed

Folate is a naturally occurring nutrient and it helps the human body to perform some of its essential functions. It activates, repairs and synthesizes DNA in the. Folate assists in cell division as well as red blood cell production. It is also needed for the proper development of the fetus in the first trimester of

There are many reasons why people may suffer from folate and folic acid deficiency, and only a few effective ways of treating it. One of the best remedies we can use these days for the folic acid supplementation is “Quatrefolic 5-mthf”. It sounds complicated when we say Quatrefolic 5-mthf, but it is nothing more than

Before we explain the benefits of L-Methylfolate supplements for overall health, we have to understand what the supplements actually are and what their main role is in our body. In the widest sense, folate and folic acid fall under the category of nutrients that are very important for the healthy functioning of our bio pathway

Folic acid deficiency is a situation whereby the folic acid levels in the body become very low. Folic acid is a type of B vitamin that helps to repair the DNA of the body. (1)(2) Also, it helps the production of red blood cells (RBCs). When the folic acid level in one’s diet is low,

Folic acid is an essential micronutrient, which can be derived from food sources. The main sources of folic acid or folate include dark leafy green vegetables, liver, yeast, asparagus and Brussels sprouts (1). Other sources of folic acid include fruits, nuts, beans, grain products, and more. The lack of this essential micronutrient is referred to

Folate or B12 deficiency can lead to anemia. Vitamin B helps the body to produce new cells. Folic acid helps to create red blood cells, and these cells are very important in carrying oxygen throughout the body. When your body does not have enough red blood cells, you develop anemia with primary symptoms, weakness and

There are 8 different types of Vitamin B and each one is needed to maintain your health and keep you feeling good. Types of vitamin B include Thiamine (B1), Riboflavin (B2) Niacin (B3) B5, B6, Biotin (B7) Folate (B9) and B12. Vitamin B comes from a variety of sources including meat, fruits and vegetables. Eating

  Cerebral folate deficiency usually develops in the first year of a baby’s life. The causes for this serious medical condition are not yet determined, but it is very likely that the immune system is involved. We absorb folates through food but the problem occurs when the folates need to be transported from the blood