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Listed in order of importance to the body’s methylation process and the MTHFR gene mutant’s need: Folate [B-9] (as 5-Methylfolate) – This is the bioactive form of the primary enzyme needed for methylation, especially if you have an MTHFR mutation. It by-passes vitamin processing pathways because it is the already- converted form of the vitamin element. So your body can immediately

Yes, there are several versions of Methylfolate available. It is hard to tell, which is the best, as it depends on the person’s degree of deficiency. Actually, the doctors or physicians, who had tested your blood sample for the deficiency, are the one to decide the best Methylfolate version for you.   Try to get

It is recommended that you should take an advice from a physician, or a doctor regarding the dosage quantity for yourself. The quantity of dosage differs, depending upon the degree of the MTHFR. People, those are sensitive to drugs, vitamins and supplements; should take care, and perform the research.   According to the Methyl-Life team,