Learn about the Benefits of L-Methylfolate Supplements

L-Methylfolate Supplements

Before we explain the benefits of L-Methylfolate supplements for overall health, we have to understand what the supplements actually are and what their main role is in our body.

In the widest sense, folate and folic acid fall under the category of nutrients that are very important for the healthy functioning of our bio pathway systems. These elements are crucial for our health, which means that any imbalance in their levels can lead to serious health complications and unwanted symptoms. This is particularly common among people who have a specific genetic mutation, known as MTHFR, because their body is not able to use folate as it should.

In most cases, there are a limited number of things we can do when we are facing genetic disorders. Fortunately, folic acid deficiency can be treated. The solution for this problem is L-Methyl folate supplementation.

This supplement is effective because it is able to “bypass” the genetic break by eliminating the need for enzyme conversion.  With the already-converted and fully bioavailable version of folate, the body can get back to a more ideally balanced metabolism. This is exactly what is necessary for people who suffer from MTHFR mutations.

According to a number of medical studies that have been conducted in recent years these supplements are more efficient and have less draw backs than folic acid. Moreover, it has been proven that even people who do not have MTHFR mutation, can use L-Methylfolate for homocysteine reduction, increasing serotonin and boosting glutathione levels. (1)(3)

This supplement also come highly recommended for pregnant women, because they are safe for both, mother and. Methylfolate is especially important for pregnant women who are struggling with folic acid deficiency, which we know can lead to neural tube defects in babies. (1)

Today, more and more pediatricians and gynecologists are convinced that there is a connection between MTHFR mutations and miscarriage (the increased risk of losing a baby, to be more precise). This is especially true for people of Asian origin. (1) However, science is still searching for more answers regarding this link between mutations and miscarriage.

We are more than convinced that all expectant mothers will do whatever it takes to protect their babies, and the best way to do this is to start by taking L-Methylfolate supplements.

However, these are not the only benefits that we can expect from L-Methylfolate supplements, and they are not exclusively connected with pregnancy. It’s been determined that people who are suffering from depression can alleviate it’s symptoms by taking this supplement along with medical therapy. The recommended daily dose is 7.5 mg to 15 mg (15 mg being the most typically prescribed dosage by western medical doctors today). (2)Before you start using Methylfolate, you should consult with your doctor.

Finally, L- Methyl folate has shown great results in people with diabetic neuropathy – a medical disorder that is common in patients who suffer from type 1 or type 2 diabetes.



5 Responses to “Learn about the Benefits of L-Methylfolate Supplements”

  1. Thomas says :

    Thanks for the informative post about the benefits of these types of supplements. I’m curious, what are the primary causes of folic acid deficiencies that would cause you to need supplements? Is it primarily dietary, or can it also be due to genetics?

    • jerome says :

      Great question Thomas. I was reading about that just yesterday and from i found is that these type of deficiencies are mostly caused from poor and unhealthy diets. So nothing genetic. Just the right supplements and eating the right food with vitamins and minerals.

  2. Ann says :

    Great info here. And due to genetics in our families, we know we need to be cautious about these deficiencies. But it’s always good to learn more about it.

  3. Teri Mceuen says :

    I’ve always wondered other factors to be considered for miscarriage for pregnant women. This could lead us to new discoveries about their health. More importantly, the benefits that you shared from this supplement sounds really great not just for pregnant women but for everyone. No wonder this will become popular in months to come.

  4. bar_ish says :

    Mind blowing information here. I am learning more and more about this vitamin and the importance of supplementing with it. I am expecting a lot more people to be speaking of folate in the near future. I feel like this research is really unlocking some hidden health truths people need to know.

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