Methylfolate 15

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Active Ingredients    –    (90 Chewable Tablets)

Folate                                     15,000 mcg
(from (6S)-5-Methylfolate,
Calcium – Magnafolate-C®)
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Methylfolate 15 mg

What’s the Right Dosage for Me?
Methylfolate 15

Methyl-Life products contain the most bioactive nutrient form of folate available today, Methylfolate (often denoted as L-MTHF, L-Methylfolate, L-5-MTHF, (6S)-5-Methylfolate). This is the ‘already converted’ form of the vitamin that is immediately ready for the body’s cells to use directly. Every bottle contains 90 chewable tablets. Each tablet contains a high dose (15 mg) of internationally patented L-Methylfolate as “(6S)-5-MTHF, calcium salt” (or Magnafolate-C® which is its patent name).

Methyl Folate Supplement was formulated, especially for the people with genetic (MTHFR) defects, dietary or drug-induced need. It was designed to bypass the MTHFR gene defects and optimize the body’s methylation process. This means you have more energy and motivation, get improved protection against toxins and disease, and just plain feel better. Methyl-Life gives back you a quality life. High doses of L-Methylfolate may reduce depression, homocysteine levels, and the risk of cardiovascular disease. It may also increase energy, serotonin and glutathione levels. Talk to your doctor to determine, if taking high doses of Methylfolate is right for you.

Methyl-Life’s Methylfolate 15 product with (6S)-5-MTHF, calcium salt contains an internationally patented, unique calcium-salt based L-5-Methylfolate ingredient. This Type C Crystalline form of methylfolate { (6S)-5-MTHF, calcium salt } demonstrates superior stability (more potent) as well as increased absorption quality over the other competing methylfolate forms in the market today. We are thrilled to be the first company in the USA to offer this special form of methylfolate to our customers.

We are very proud to bring you a superior product at a great price. And we are happy to announce that we have invested in third party testing to ensure our products meet their label claims. To learn more about this specific methylfolate ingredient and the other forms available today, check out our Methylfolate Types article.

WARNING How much is right for you to take? Talk to your doctor about what’s best for you. Before you purchase check out our dosage information to learn more about what some doctors recommend. And review our suggested methylation protocol as a potential step by step guide to one dosing option.

How to snap the tablet in half First find the half hash line and face it away from yourself (with the back of the tablet facing your chest/stomach), then put both of your thumbs next to each other along the line (as if there were one on the back of the tablet). You want the half hash line facing away from you (not on the side of the tablet where your thumbs are). And then you should be able to break it in half along that line every time by simply applying pressure to snap it outwards, by pushing your thumbs away from you. This approach works far better than using a pill cutter, which seems to cause the tablet to crumble much more.

SUGGESTED USE: Ask your doctor.
Great for teeth, not for animals (contains xylitol).
Serving Size: 1 Chewable Tablet
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value
15,000 mcg
(from (6S)-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate, Calcium – as Magnafolate-C™)
OTHER INGREDIENTS: xylitol (from non-GMO hardwoods), microcrystalline cellulose, stearic, acid, silicon dioxide, less than 1% dextrose, peppermint oil, natural FEMA GRAS aromatics.

Methylfolate 15

Methylfolate 15 What is the right dosage for me?

Check out our Dosage page to learn what some doctors are saying. And consider reviewing our Methylation Protocol page as one example of how someone could start taking the active methylation nutrients.

Methylfolate 15 Is Methylfolate the only thing I should take if I have an MTHFR gene mutation?

No, actually our recommendation is to heavily consider following Dr. Neil Rawlins’ full supplement protocol. You can learn more about his protocol by watching parts 3 & 4 of his video seminar, or downloading his protocol document found on the A Doctor Explains page.

Methylfolate 15 What do doctors have to say about MTHFR and how to treat it?

Go to A Doctor Explains and listen to Dr. Neil Rawlins’ 51-minute seminar on MTHFR and the effects of Methylfolate.

Methylfolate 15 How can I get more information on MTHFR?

Check out our Resources and Frequently Asked Questions pages.

Methylfolate 15 Is L-Methylfolate and (6S)-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate, Calcium or (6S)-5-Methylfolate, glucosamine salt the same thing?

Basically, yes. In the chemistry world, L stands for the “Left” isomer, which is the same as the “(6S)” isomer – the terms are synonyms (and this naming convention is used interchangeably by various companies in the industry). In the case of methylfolate, that L or (6S) isomer is the active isomer of 5-MTHF that the body can actually use. The L-5-MTHF [or (6S)-5-MTHF] enzyme is bound to a salt molecule and in the case of one ingredient (Magnafolate-C), it’s bound to a calcium salt molecule for delivery to the body, and in the case of another ingredient (Quatrefolic®), it’s bound to a glucosamine salt molecule for delivery to the body. To learn more about the different types of methylfolate, its history, potency levels and stability details, visit our Methylfolate Types page.

Please Note

Before purchasing any of our products, Methyl-Life recommends that you talk with a healthcare professional if you have any questions. Methyl-Life cannot be held liable for adverse reactions or negative side effects that you think are the result of one of our products.

If you have not used Methyl-Life products before, please consider ordering one bottle to start before making larger orders. We also recommend you read through our dosage and methylation protocol pages and consider starting with a lower dose product to ensure you tolerate the ingredients well before increasing your strength to a higher dose product.

It is also important to speak with your healthcare professional before purchasing. Methyl-Life prefers not to accept returns for large orders. If you return three unopened bottles from a 4-pack purchase, you will receive a full refund minus the cost of one bottle charged at full price.

Within 45 days of your order, you can return any unopened item shipped to you by Methyl-Life (as long as all seals are intact). Just let us know you plan to return the product by emailing us using the Contact Us form (please include the tracking information so we can be on the lookout for the package).

It will be your responsibility and cost to ensure the return parcel gets to Methyl-Life (ship to: P.O. Box 1484, Renton, WA 98057). We suggest you get a tracking number and consider insuring the package. After we receive your returned item, we will process your full refund within 10 business days and send you an email indicating your refund has been complete. Be aware that depending upon your institution, this may not be reflected in your account status for a few days.

If you have received the wrong item or your product has been damaged or is somehow defective, please email us with detailed information using the Contact us form and our Customer Service Manager will address your concern right away. Please do not throw any items away unless or until you are directed to do so.

35 reviews for Methylfolate 15

  1. Stephanie Marynick (verified owner)

    Quick and easy

  2. Debra (verified owner)

    Helped my depression meds work better and made me feel better.

  3. Joe C. (verified owner)

    great necessary product

  4. Lynn Rockney (verified owner)

    Expensive. Too many emails

  5. Joe C. (verified owner)

    Necessary product delivered effortlessly

  6. menachem c. (verified owner)

    good service

  7. Sarah D. (verified owner)

    Incredible product! Thank you 🙂

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’m aware that I have the MTFHR mutation, but I really can’t discern a difference since starting to take this supplement. But it has been less than 2 weeks, I’m thinking more time would tell more

  9. Rebecca Scholl (verified owner)

    Needing medicine to be more affordable.

  10. Jared (verified owner)

    This product has been helpful as an add-on to my antidepressants, under my doctor’s guidance. I only take half (7.5 mg) each day, but these scored tabs are easy to split, which cuts down on cost and gives a big advantage over other brands which come in capsules! This is the best value I have found for high-dose methylfolate, and I will continue to use it for the foreseeable future.

  11. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Was easier than ordering with amazon!! LOVE the auto refill option!!!!

  12. Karen D. (verified owner)

    Great product at an awesome price!

  13. Brenda Bloom (verified owner)

    While we have had problems both times getting an order placed, it did get done. It arrived speedily and is key better health when one has MTHFR gene.

  14. Denise (verified owner)

    I have an MTHFR mutation and had extremely high levels of homocysteine. While taking Methyl Life Methylfolate 15, my homocysteine levels are coming back down to normal.

  15. Cheryl (verified owner)

    Delivery service from time of order to delivery is very speedy.

  16. Michelle Fournier (verified owner)

    It has helped my meds work. I just ordered more and noticed the date on bottle 4/2018. Over a year old. Why was I sent expired med?

  17. Lisa A. (verified owner)

    Very easy order and fast shipping

  18. Alley (verified owner)

    I have an MTHFR gene mutation; this helps!

  19. Majyk Stella (verified owner)

    Shipping was fast. These are quite tasty and they cut well if you want to divide it into 2 servings. I’m pleased and set up for auto ship.

  20. Joan Cohen (verified owner)

    Ordering was easy and shipping was speedy.

  21. Debbie H. (verified owner)

    Good, tasty product.

  22. Cynthia Maddox (verified owner)

    My daughter has been using this for awhile now & it is helping her.

  23. Charla Perry (verified owner)

    This is an excellent product and it arrives on time all the time!

  24. John B. (verified owner)

    Pharmacist recommended your brand to me, for my grandson after reviewing product ingredients, quality and company reputation.

  25. Eleanor (verified owner)

    Great customer service and product!

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very reliable distributor.

  27. Mary Stanford (verified owner)

    The only item of concern is that the manufacture date of the product was 15 months before the date of my order. You responded to my inquiry about expiration date of potency of the product, assuring me it had an additional year + before expiration. I am okay with that, but still uncomfortable with date of manufacture. This is a new product for me, so will see how it works in terms of benefits during this 90-day trial period.

  28. Laura P. (verified owner)

    Shipping was extra quick this time. It took about half the time they estimated. We’ve ordered through them for several years now, and have had no major issues at any time. I’d recommend Methyl-Life with no reservations.

  29. Agneta (verified owner)

    My order shipment was incomplete again, for the second time. I only got half of what I ordered and paid for. I trust you will send me what is missing right away.

  30. Denise (verified owner)

    I have been using Methylfolate 15 for several years now. I have Compound Herterozygous MTHFR and my numbers started at 76. With the help of Methylfolate 15, I was able to get my numbers down to 16. Not perfect but so much better than it was. Thanks Methyl Life for a great product

  31. Debra (verified owner)

    Like more discounts

  32. Shorna H. (verified owner)


  33. Sharon (verified owner)

    Fast delivery of a trusted product

  34. Brenda B. (verified owner)

    I have known for many years I had to take methyl l-folate. The only source then was a prescription form that was huge, full of fillers and, honestly, not nearly as effective! This works so well & is more than helpful. When a person doesn’t methylate, it’s a necessity. I was delighted with the difference when my doctor told me about Methyl Life.

  35. Debbie Hawthorne (verified owner)

    This medication has regulated my MTHFR condition to the point that I’ve been able to stop taking my anti-depressant. I highly recommend it.

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