If you’ve just received an MTHFR diagnosis or you are discovering that you are experiencing symptoms of MTHFR gene defects, it can be overwhelming. So, it’s helpful to know that you are not alone. Here at Methyl-Life, we’ve compiled a list of helpful doctors, videos, forums, and books that we’ve found helpful… just a bit of an introduction to a community of folks who are there to help you navigate your MTHFR health needs.


Dr. Rawlins

Dr. Neil Rawlins, MD currently practices medicine at Kadlec Clinic in Richland, WA
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Dr. Amy Yasko

Dr Amy Yasko Ph.D., NHD, AMD, HHP, FAAIM is a well-recognized expert in molecular biology in the field of DNA/RNA based diagnostics and therapeutics, and has been a consultant to the medical and research community for over eighteen years.
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Dr. Ben

Dr. Ben Lynch is a Naturopathic Doctor in Washington state who researches and lectures on methylation.
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Discussion Forums

Participate in conversations with others who have similar mutation challenges.
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Pat Robinson’s Blog

One person’s blog on MTHFR and its support options.
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Methyl Cycle Genomics

Learn about the Methylation Cycle and how to incorporate the science of genomics into a supporting program that’s helpful for you. Visit Site

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