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The Doctors

Dr. RawlinsDr. Rawlins

Dr. Neil Rawlins, MD currently practices medicine at Kadlec Clinic in Richland, WA
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Dr. Amy YaskoDr. Amy Yasko

Dr Amy Yasko Ph.D., NHD, AMD, HHP, FAAIM is a well-recognized expert in molecular biology in the field of DNA/RNA based diagnostics and therapeutics, and has been a consultant to the medical and research community for over eighteen years.
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Dr. BenDr. Ben

Dr. Ben Lynch is a Naturopathic Doctor in Washington state who researches and lectures on methylation.
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Dr. Stephen SmithDr. Stephen Smith

Dr. Stephen Smith's mind map on MTHFR symptoms and treatment (MD in WA)
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Some More Resources

Discussion ForumsDiscussion Forums

Participate in conversations with others who have similar mutation challenges.
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One person's blog on MTHFR and its support options.
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Methyl Cycle GenomicsMethyl Cycle Genomics

Learn about the Methylation Cycle and how to incorporate the science of genomics into a supporting program that's helpful for you. Visit Site


Note: Though this book is out of print and may only be available in eBook form or very costly through Amazon, it's been a primary source of information coming out of the Human Genome Project on the topic of MTHFR.

White paper

A Doctor in England and his studies on Depression and Nutrition Supplementation.