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Methylated folic acid, also more correctly referred to as methylfolate, is a nutrient that belongs to the vitamin B family. The body needs folate and cannot produce it on its own, so folate needs to be consumed in the diet or by supplementation.  Folate is primarily responsible for the easy conversion of carbohydrates into glucose

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Folic acid is an essential micronutrient, which can be derived from food sources. The main sources of folic acid or folate include dark leafy green vegetables, liver, yeast, asparagus and Brussels sprouts (1). Other sources of folic acid include fruits, nuts, beans, grain products, and more. The lack of this essential micronutrient is referred to

For many people, living with defects and health is just another part of life that has to be dealt with. Whilst it can be hard to get your head around these issues and to move on from them, it can be useful to take the time to read into the issues that you may be

Were you aware that vitamin B12 plays a major role in protecting your nervous system, building your genes and maintaining your metabolism? However, vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin and it must be absorbed and consumed properly in order for it to function the right way in the body. The recommendation for adult women