Understanding Vitamin B Deficiency

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There are 8 different types of Vitamin B and each one is needed to maintain your health and keep you feeling good. Types of vitamin B include Thiamine (B1), Riboflavin (B2) Niacin (B3) B5, B6, Biotin (B7) Folate (B9) and B12.

Vitamin B comes from a variety of sources including meat, fruits and vegetables. Eating balanced meals is essential to getting all of the B complex vitamins you need. There are some medical conditions that can take their toll if you are deficient in one or more of these B vitamins.

Symptoms of Vitamin B Deficiency

Vitamin B deficiency can affect your health in a number of ways depending on which of the B vitamins you may lack. Here are some of the symptoms of vitamin B deficiency.

  • Fatigue
  • Weight loss
  • Poor hair and nails
  • Acne
  • Skin Rashes
  • Repeated sore throats
  • Sensitivity to Sunlight
  • Metal confusion
  • Tingling of skin, fingers and toes
  • High blood pressure
  • Water retention
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Pain and Weakness in limbs
  • Compromised immune system
  • Birth Defects when pregnant women are deficient in vitamin B9

As you can see, many of the symptoms of vitamin B deficiency can also be symptoms of other health problems. If you suffer from any of these symptoms it is essential that you visit your physician and get a diagnosis. Make sure to consult with your physician if you think your symptoms may be related to a vitamin B deficiency.

Even if you normally do not suffer from a vitamin B deficiency there may be times in your life such as when you become pregnant or as you get older; when you need a larger amount of B vitamins. There are also certain medical conditions such as Crohn’s disease, Celiac Disease and alcoholism can make it difficult for your body to absorb vitamin B.

Treatment for Vitamin B Deficiencies

If it is determined that you do have a vitamin B deficiency, your doctor will probably recommend changes in your diet, as well as supplements to ensure that you get the needed nutrients. Your doctor will determine if you need a supplement for just one of the B vitamins or a combination.

You should not attempt to diagnose a vitamin B deficiency on your own, as taking too much of the wrong vitamin Bs for you could further imbalance a deficiency.

Eating a healthy, well-rounded diet, and knowing the symptoms of a vitamin B deficiency will help you to identify problems before they turn into major issues. Getting your doctor to diagnose your vitamin B deficiency, and following his or her treatment plan should help you to feel better and stay fit.

6 Responses to “Understanding Vitamin B Deficiency”

  1. Jason Whitmore says :

    I would always go with a change to my diet when I am missing a key vitamin. If you are a person that does not get enough Vitamin B, then you might need a supplement to keep up with the lose it, right?

  2. Becky Light says :

    There are so many things that could cause the symptoms that you are talking about here. I think it would be hard to narrow down the exact cause, but I guess if you are going to have these symptoms, you could consult your doctor just to be sure.

  3. Thomas says :

    When you say sensitivity to sunlight, do you mean skin, or eyes, both? I’ve been having a lot of fatigue as of recently and I receive sharp pain in my eyes when I leave the house, so I have to wear sun glasses. This all started in maybe the past year.

  4. Ann says :

    Good post. And definitely true that as we all get older, we DO need to take additional supplements and meds to help us be able to live as normal a life with a minimum of health issues. And unless you are eating the perfectly balanced meal every single time, you are definitely going to be missing out on what we had when younger. (And sometimes what we think is healthy eating really isn’t) Good reminder to us all.

  5. Angelyn Stacy says :

    I think this is going to benefit lots of those who are having problems with their kidney or those taking medicine for pulmonary tuberculosis. I remember some of my med student friends who says your liver or kidney can be damaged by the drug used for TB so you’ll have to strengthen your resistance by taking lots of vitamin b.

  6. jerome says :

    “Taking too much of the wrong vitamin Bs for you could further imbalance a deficiency.” Ok this is important because vitamin b deficiency happens quiet alot. I recommend this to everyone, if you have these symptoms go see a doctor don’t take them by yourself.

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