What Nutrients Should I Take for MTHFR?

4 Methylation Protocols

Four Suggested Methylation Protocol Options

Four Suggested Methylation Protocol Options for Taking Methylfolate & Treating MTHFR

A few IMPORTANT THINGS TO NOTE before we provide you with the 4 different protocol options below:

  • Consider reading the Dosage page (or watching the video) so you have more context for the place you want to start. It discusses a bit about what different doctors might suggest (some tout low dose options and others recommend a high dose L-Methylfolate protocol). Also the Help for MTHFR Newbies page provides some key approaches to the order in which you dose the nutrients, so check it out as well. Either way, you'll be armed with some information so you can decide for yourself what you want to do.
  • Since every person has different genetics, symptoms, and toxic burden as well as environmental exposures, no one protocol will fit us all.
  • Below are simply four specific suggestions to help people start experimenting with dosage levels. We want people to start low and go slow so they can safely move towards their target goals for methylation and symptom relief.

Pick Your FREE Protocol for download - four symptom types to choose from:

  • SENSITIVE Protocol -Vitamin or drug sensitive individuals and/or people who are chronically ill (i.e. Chronic Fatigue, Lyme, Autism, etc.) and/or those who carry a significant toxic burden and/or have an MTHFR variant(s).

  • PREGNANCY / FERTILITY / CHILDREN Protocol - Those with fertility or pregnancy needs (have had miscarriage(s) or birth defects in the past) OR children who have MTHFR variant(s) that display symptoms like ADD/ADHD/Focus/Attention but don't have many other issues (does NOT experience depression).

  • GENERAL / CARDIOVASCULAR / DIABETES Protocol -People with MTHFR variant(s), those with diabetic neuropathy, high homocysteine levels, cardiovascular health problems, without the symptoms of depression or low serotonin levels.

  • MENTAL HEALTH (DEPRESSION) Protocol - People suffering from low mood, low serotonin levels, depression, IBS, mental or brain health challenges (dementia/Alzheimer's/Bipolar/Cerebral Folate Deficiency/etc.), also likely has an MTHFR variant(s).

Start on the step that you think best fits you (if you don’t know, start at the beginning). Stop at the step where you feel best. But how will you know which step that is? 

GREAT QUESTION - for most, if you go one step too far, you may experience some negative reactions, i.e. the feeling of too much caffeine, heart palpitations, flu-like symptoms (i.e. fatigue, body aches, etc.), anxiety or even aggression. You've likely gone beyond a good therapeutic dose for you. In that case, go back to the step before that where you were not having the side effects. And check out our side effects video for more details about how to recognize and manage these, should you encounter any. 

Each step could be defined as 1 day or as many as 7 days (depending upon how sensitive you are to supplement changes, and how carefully you want to track your body’s reactions – positive or negative). I suspect many will comfortably define a step as 2-5 days.

For those not following orders from a healthcare professional with specific products or dosages, you might consider our  Help for MTHFR Newbies page



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