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Personal Stories

Jarod’s Story – Chronic Illness

I have been sick, strange, and angry my entire life. Now I am close to being healthy after a lifetime of living with chronic health…


Personal Stories

Jan’s Story – A Daughter’s Anxiety

I have been so pleased with your product as it has helped my 13 year old daughter tremendously with her anxiety for the past 6 months…


Personal Stories

Kim’s Story – Depression

took my first pill yesterday, and I am not sure if it’s possible or just in my head, but by the time I got home from work, I was in a good mood …

Jamie Horns MTHFR Story

Our Blog

10 Ways You’re Probably Adding To Your Toxic Burden

And you’re like, “This is not interesting to me because what in the world is ‘toxic burden’?” Toxic, environmental or body burden is defined as the total amount of naturally-occurring and man-made chemicals that are negatively present in the human body. It’s a fluid...

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MTHFR and Anxiety

Anxiety affects almost one-third of the US population4. This means that many of us can feel under the weather from time to time. Some factors that can affect our mood include hormone fluctuations, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, injuries, low and high blood sugar...

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The Link between MTHFR and Depression

Studies dating back to 1960s have linked folate deficiency to depression2, 3. In fact, one-third of depressed patients were deficient in folate. Eating a balanced diet rich in folate, also known as vitamin B9, can be effective for some individuals dealing with...

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Our Mission

People with MTHFR have varying issues and needs, and our goal is to significantly enhance the quality of life of those searching for a solution. We will help alleviate your frustration, serve as a trusted resource, and, most importantly, put you in a healthier place for life.

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