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Personal Stories

Jarod’s Story – Chronic Illness

I have been sick, strange, and angry my entire life. Now I am close to being healthy after a lifetime of living with chronic health…


Personal Stories

Jan’s Story – A Daughter’s Anxiety

I have been so pleased with your product as it has helped my 13 year old daughter tremendously with her anxiety for the past 6 months…


Personal Stories

Kim’s Story – Depression

took my first pill yesterday, and I am not sure if it’s possible or just in my head, but by the time I got home from work, I was in a good mood …

Jamie Horns MTHFR Story

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Which Methyl-Life Products are best for you?

If you or someone you love has an MTHFR diagnosis, there a range of specific methylfolate supplements that can help you manage MTHFR symptoms. But knowing where to begin can get a bit overwhelming. We get it. We’ve been there! At Methyl-Life, we bring you...

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MTHFR Testing Options

Are you considering whether or not to get tested for MTHFR? If you haven’t already, check out how getting tested for MTHFR changed the life of our founder, Jamie Horn. Read more >> If you are ready to get tested, but are wondering what your options...

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Methylfolate: What’s the Right Dosage for me?

Maintaining your health with an MTHFR mutation can be tricky… At Methyl-Life, we’re committed to bringing you useable information to help you learn more about your body’s unique needs and how to meet them. We’ve been there. And now we’re here for you.  ...

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Our Mission

People with MTHFR have varying issues and needs, and our goal is to significantly enhance the quality of life of those searching for a solution. We will help alleviate your frustration, serve as a trusted resource, and, most importantly, put you in a healthier place for life.
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