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How do I support MTHFR?

If you've been newly diagnosed with an MTHFR mutation or are just looking to take some concrete action that can better support your health and improve your quality of life, check out our 6 Helpful Steps for Treating MTHFR page for some ideal guidelines.

A Doctor Educates on MTHFR

Dr. Neil Rawlins presents his 4-part video seminar on MTHFR, methylfolate and how to manage challenging genetic factors affecting folate metabolism, neurotransmitter production (i.e. serotonin, dopamine, etc.), methylation, homocysteine, detoxification and more.

Naturopathic Consult Services

Consider booking one of our Naturopathic Practitioner Consultation options(Coming soon). Our Naturopath can review your personal medical history, genetics and recent blood tests and provide either:

  1. an email response to one of your health issues OR
  2. a 60-minute online, real-time video consult call addressing your top health concerns

You need when dealing with MTFHR

Methylfolate & Cofactors:

Elevate your health with Methylfolate and Cofactors: Vital for optimal energy, mood, and DNA support. Overcome MTHFR and discover the power of wellness today!

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B12 & B Vitamins:

Get your vitality back with B12 and B vitamins: Vital for energy, metabolism, and nerve function. They support red blood cells, DNA synthesis, and overall well-being.

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Biotics & Enzymes:

Optimize your health with Probiotics and Enzymes: Vital for aiding improved digestion, boosting your gut’s health, nutrient absorption, and helping you to achieve overall well-being.

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Support & Nutriment Blends:

Get your spark back with essential Vitamins & Nutrients that vitally support immune health, mood, cognitive function, and improved well-being.

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Revitalize your Health and Reclaim YOU!

If you have MTHFR, L-Methylfolate is the key to getting your spark back. Learn why we started Methyl-Life® and why our folate is the purest and most effective for MTHFR.

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Where SCIENCE and INTEGRITY intersect.

Understand Methyl-Life’s® manufacturing, rigorous testing, and potency standards.

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Our Mission

People with MTHFR have varying issues and needs, and our goal is to significantly enhance the quality of life of those searching for a solution. We will help alleviate your frustration, serve as a trusted resource, and most importantly, put you in a healthier place for life.

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