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Does Folic Acid Help Toddler Behavior?

We’ve all heard of folic acid or seen it on the back of an ingredient label. It’s one of the most common B-complex vitamins and can be found fortified in a variety of different foods we eat on a daily basis.  Despite how common it is, there’s a growing amount of confusion around what folic acid is and why it’s so important to our daily diet. A majority of this confusion is due to the fact that folic acid is often confused with folate, Vitamin B9, and methylfolate (L-methylfolate), it’s more expensive, but most active & absorbable form.  Believe it or not, these are all forms of Vitamin B9 and can all be beneficial to your toddler’s growth and development....
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Testing Your Children for MTHFR: The What, When, Why, and How

MTHFR gene mutation, Methylfolate deficiency, Folic Acid supplementation, you’ve heard it all by now. Despite it being all over the internet and social media, many people are still clueless about the importance these three things have on your child’s daily health -- which is one of the most significant reasons many children won’t get tested for it.  It’s believed that nearly 40% of the entire population will have a mutation in at least one of their copies of the MTHFR gene, yet a majority of these people will go their entire lives without knowing it. In some cases, people will carry two variants of the mutation, making matters even worse.  Learning how to take control and manage your MTHFR mutation...
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