Methyl-Life® Wholesale Registration

Please fill-out the form below to register for a Methyl-Life® Wholesale Account

Please fill-out the form below to register as a wholesale customer. Please make sure to include all the required information. After submitting the application, our team will review your application and either approve or decline the application.


NOTE: Filling this form out does not automatically guarantee you a wholesale account with us. Methyl-Life® reserves the right to either approve or decline wholesale account applications. 

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Applying as new customer without a Methyl-Life® Account

If you are a new customer (without an account) applying for a wholesale account, your new account will be automatically created when your application is approved. In the EMAIL section please type the email address you would like to use for your new account. In the PASSWORD section type a password you would like to use for your new account. Please remember the email and password you choose because this will be the log-ins for your new account after approval.   

I have submitted my application. Now What?

After you fill-out and press the submit button, you should see a green highlighted message confirming a successful submission. This confirms that your application has been successfully submitted to our team. After submission please allow 5 business days for our team to review your application and make their decision. 

NOTE: If you do not hear back from us for more than 5 business days, please check your spam folder first, then email us directly at 

My application is approved. How do I log in?  

When your application is approved, you will get an automatic email confirming this. To log in to your account please use the email & password you provided us in the application. 

My application was declined. Can I appeal the decision? 

When our team makes a decision, it's usually is a final decision. Please make sure you provide all the information we request in the application. If your application was declined due to missing information, we will let you know in the email we send out. You will have a second chance to re-fill the wholesale application (make sure you provide all the information).  

How do I contact you? 

You can contact us via email or phone: 

Email Us:

Phone: (571) 308-2172



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