High Paying Health & Fitness Supplement Affiliate Program

Methyl-Life® Supplement Affiliate Program


  • Are You A Social Media Star Or Run A Blog/Website? 

  • Is A Healthy Lifestyle And Staying Fit A Priority For You? 

  • Do You Believe In Sharing Your Knowledge?

  • Would You Like To Make Money While Sharing Your Passion With Others?

Health influencers and health-conscious individuals are welcome to get in touch with us. Your influence can be used to generate passive earnings while also making a difference in the world and changing lives.

In order to empower and increase the health of people across the world, we are offering our High Paying Health Supplements Affiliate Program, where you may earn commissions for promoting our health supplements.

Why Join Methyl-Life®'s Health Affiliate Program?




9 Irresistible Reasons To Join Our Supplement Affiliate Program

  • Huge Commission Rates: Our health affiliate program pays a huge 8% commission on purchases of health supplements.

  • Super Long Cookies Life: (30 Days) To assist our affiliates in earning more money via our health affiliate program, we have extended the cookie life to 30 days. This implies that your recommended consumers have 30 days from the date of your referral to complete a purchase, at which point your account will be credited for the sale.

  • Accurate Tracking System: A very precise tracking technology ensures that you get compensated for each referral. We use the industry's most advanced affiliate technology. This helps ensure that our affiliates are always compensated for the sales they contribute.

  • No Middle-Man: We operate an in-house affiliate program. This eliminates the need for a middleman, allowing our associates to earn 100% of the commissions rather than dividing them with affiliate networks.

  • Dedicated Affiliate Assistance: Unlike other affiliate programs we provide you with dedicated affiliate support that is lightning quick and always willing to assist you in growing your passive earnings. Do you have any complaints or questions concerning the affiliate program? Please contact us by email at for a prompt answer. Our staff will reply to most emails with 24hrs. 

  • Trusted Brand: Thousands of consumers take our supplements on a regular basis since we provide the purest supplements on the market. Our vitamins undergo a thorough testing procedure and have been shown to retain their potency for up to five years. Our supplements are based on a very rare, ultra-pure nutrient.

  • No Prior Experience Is Necessary: Our affiliate program is ideal for both experienced affiliates and newcomers. Our affiliate support team can assist you in getting started with affiliate marketing regardless of your level of experience. It's simple to join, get approval, and begin marketing our supplements through your unique affiliate link.

  • It's FREE: Unlike other affiliate programs, our high-paying supplement affiliate program is completely free to join. No set-up fees, no network fees, get 100% of your commissions sent to you directly without any deductions. You keep every dollar earned. 

  • Unlimited Earning Potential: Our affiliate program allows you to earn an endless number of commissions; there are no upper limits on how much you can earn with our program. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee/cost to joining the affiliate program?

There are no fees, set-up cost or network fees attached to our health affiliate program. We run an in-house affiliate program which means you get to keep every penny earned. There are no middle-man (affiliate network) costs. 

How much can I make with Methyl-Life's® Health Affiliate Program?

There are no limits to how much you can make with our supplement affiliate program. The more you promote and contribute to sales the more you make. We strongly believe in unlimited passive earnings. In fact, to help our affiliates make more money with our affiliate program we have increased the cookie life to a staggering 30 days. 

When do I get paid?

We have a 60 day pay term, which means you will be paid after 60 days of earning commissions. 

What is your affiliate program withdrawal threshold? 

You will need to make a minimum of $50 to be able to receive commissions. Your earnings will be held in your affiliate account until you have reached $50 in commissions. 

What do I need to join the Affiliate Program?

Depends on how you plan to promote our products. If you're a social media influencer then you can start promoting our products through your mobile devices. If you're going to promote our products through a blog or a website then you will need a computer system with internet. 

Ideally you should either be a social media influencer or own a running blog/website to do well with our affiliate program but it's not necessary. Your imagination is your limit to how you promote our products. Our affiliate program is perfect for you if you were searching for:  

  • YouTube Influencers Affiliate Program

  • Instagram Influencers Affiliate Program

  • Facebook Influencers Affiliate Program

  • Pinterest Influencers Affiliate Program

  • Twitter Influencers Affiliate Program

  • Tik-Tok Influencers Affiliate Program

  • Social Media Influencer Affiliate Program

  • Blog & Website Affiliate Program

You will need to apply to join our health affiliate program. Our team will review your application and you should get an email letting you know when your account is approved. After approval you will need to use your unique referral link to promote our products.  

What is not allowed in Methyl-Life's® Health Affiliate Program?
  • Paid Advertising: You cannot use paid ads to promote our products.

  • No Online Marketplaces: Sell our products through online marketplaces: (amazon, eBay, Walmart or any other online marketplace). 

  • False Advertisement: You cannot claim to be our partner in any way. You must let your audience know that you are an affiliate of Methyl-Life®. You cannot advertise information about our products that either has not been proven by science or approved by Methyl-Life®. When promoting our products, you can use the information listed on our website, but you cannot make up facts about the supplements.

  • No Spamming Allowed: You cannot spam our referral links online in any manner. This includes sending out mass emails, test messages or comment spam with our referral links.

How do I contact you? 

You can contact us via email: 

Email Us:

Disclaimer: Methyl-Life® has the right to change or update any terms or information regarding our affiliate program at any time without advance notice to current or potential future affiliates. The information listed on this website regarding our affiliate program may not be updated at all times. Always contact us for the latest terms or information about our program. In case of a contradiction of terms or affiliate program information between what’s listed on this site and what our affiliate support claims to be true, the information provided by affiliate support will have authority and will be considered the final verdict on the matter. Always contact our affiliate support for the latest terms and information about the affiliate program by email. 



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