Methyl B12 - Methylfolate Supplement & Methylated Vitamins

Methylated vitamins, specifically methyl B12 and methylfolate supplement nutrients are some of the most important drivers of one-carbon metabolism, the process that regulates methylation reactions in the body.  Both methylfolate supplements (vitamin B9) and methylated B12 play crucial roles in generating methyl groups for use in DNA synthesis and repair, amino acid maintenance, antioxidant generation, and epigenetics[1].  These key functions make up some of the most fundamental building blocks of life.  These methylated vitamins contain the active, most bioavailable forms of folate & bioidentical B12 that can bypass the MTHFR enzyme's limitations.

* Proactive Against MTHFR & for General Health = 0.8-2.5 mg of an L-methylfolate supplement
* Therapeutic for Pregnancy & Cognitive Health = 3-5 mg of an L-methylfolate supplement
* High Dose for Mood & Neurotransmitter Health = 7.5-15 mg of an L-methylfolate supplement 

Methylfolate Supplement Products

Methylfolate supplementation alone is required for numerous functions of the brain and nervous system, including proper methylation[2], the metabolism of homocysteine to methionine[3] for cardiovascular health (consider ~3-5 mg), neurotransmitter production[4] like serotonin for mood health (consider ~7.5-15 mg), nervous system maintenance[5], normal fetal growth and development[6] (consider ~1-4 mg), immune system maintenance[7], and formation of myelin[8] for healthy nerves & neuron signaling (consider ~3 mg + Methyl B12).

Methyl B12 & Methylfolate Supplements

Methyl B12 (methylcobalamin) is essential for red blood cell production[9], re-methylation to methionine[10], cognitive function (consider ~5-15 mg L-methylfolate supplement), and nervous system maintenance[11], along with many other roles in healthy fetal development, immune function, and more.

Methylated Vitamins & Methylated B12

Deficiencies in these methylated B vitamins can result in developmental defects[21], impaired cognitive function (consider ~5-6 mg of L-methylfolate), or abnormal blood production[12].  Methylation nutrients are key for fundamental health and wellbeing.