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Every day of your life is affected by the quality of your health, and boy does it matter! It's why you focus on wellness, nutrition, genetics, stress reduction and so much more. When you're in good health, you have the ability to live your best life.

But finding your way through the sea of misinformation can be more than daunting. We want to help you sift through your questions around methylation, MTHFR, and how your genetics might be playing a role in allowing those unwanted symptoms to get the better of you.

We want to offer hope and encouragement because we've been there. And we want to help you find your way back to your health again.

Our founder, Jamie Hope, discovered genetic methylation challenges in her own body were driving her deeper and deeper into disease. Yet with careful supplementation of the right forms of foundational nutrients, she was able to reverse that damage and find a better way of living.

Her personal journey and the need to take these supplements daily for the rest of her life inspired her to find the purest methylfolate on the planet and build her product line around it. She prides herself on providing ingredients that are the purest, most potent, effective and uniquely bioavailable for the body. The products are designed to be easy for everyone to take (plenty of chewables - without the fillers, dyes, and allergens). Learn more about Methyl-Life’s® manufacturing process, rigorous testing, and potency standards.

Beyond quality, our passion is to be an ally to those with MTHFR challenges. We’re here to keep you informed by sharing the science as it evolves, giving you the facts, and delivering honest answers to potentially complex questions.

The symptoms you or a loved one are experiencing can be so frustrating and discouraging, we understand that all too well. So, let us help. Be part of the Methyl-Life® community and find real compassion and support for what you’re going through as well as effective nutrients to bring your body back into health. 

Hi, I’m Jamie Hope, Founder of Methyl-Life®


Methyl-Life’s® team of medical writers & reviewers are here to ensure the content we release is well-researched, accurate, evidence-based and has a clear foundation in the medical, nutritional, genetic and wellness fields. Our credentialed healthcare professionals help ensure the information we publish is trustworthy, biologically and scientifically correct. We want to be your trusted partner as you pursue better health and wellbeing.  Please note that Methyl-Life® formulas are based on Dr. Neil Rawlins nutritional guidance and protocols.  Helping customers with methylation formulas since 2012.

Katie Slater Naturopathic Physician Medical Reviewer at Methyl-Life

Katie Stone

Medical Writer

Naturopathic Physician

Katie is a qualified Naturopath (BNatMed) and freelance writer from New Zealand. She specializes in all things health and wellness, particularly dietary supplements and nutrition. Katie is also a dedicated runner and has completed more half-marathons than she can count!

She also offers online consultations -> learn more.

Jamie Hope Founder of Methyl-Life

Jamie Hope


Founder & CEO of Methyl-Life®

BA in Education & post graduate work in technology. Spent 20+ years in high-tech. Eventually became very sick & had to take a leave of absence. I discovered my health issues were tied to my genetics which required specialized nutrients to help get me back to myself again. After finding significant healing, I decided to make the nutrients available to others who were struggling with the same genetic issues. And that's how Methyl-Life® began.

My passion is trying to help others find their way through the muddied waters of information regarding genetics & health complications. And to help others find the most effective nutrients available to improve their quality of life.

Dr. Conor Sheehy Clinical Pharmacist Medical Reviewer at Methyl-Life

Dr. Conor Sheehy

Medical Reviewer

Clinical Pharmacist - PharmD

Conor Sheehy, PharmD, BCPS, is a board-certified pharmacist who earned his PharmD from the University of Washington. He specializes in the management of patients with metabolic diseases, including diabetes mellitus. He is also a professional medical writer who believes in providing people with accurate and easy to understand information. Dr. Sheehy believes that medical information has the highest potential to improve people’s lives when it is accessible. His other clinical interests include anticoagulation, oncology, cardiology, and psychiatry.

Nare Simonyan Medical Reviewer

Dr. Nare Simonyan

Medical Reviewer

Pharmacist - PhD

Nare Simonyan has more than 10 years of experience as a pharmaceutical scientist, medical writer, and science writer. She received her pharmaceutical master's degree at Yerevan State University and her Ph.D. at the Institute of Pharmacy in Armenia. She has experience in both regulatory affairs and clinical trials. Nare enjoys to read new and emerging scientific article and the results of cutting-edge clinical trials.

Kari Asadorian RN at Methyl-Life

Kari Asadorian

Medical Reviewer

Registered Nurse (RN)

Kari Asadorian attended the Ohio State University and received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She has worked in numerous disciplines – rehabilitation, neurology, orthopedics, psychiatry, geriatrics and pediatrics. She also earned an MBA in Marketing (University of Washington). She is enthusiastic about wellness, empowering and educating individuals about their health and is very interested in the mind-body connection. 

Dr. Ana Luiza Medical Reviewer at Methyl-Life

Dr. Ana Luiza Dias Abdo Agamme
Medical Writer

Psychobiology - PhD

Dr. Ana Luiza is passionate about Science, Nature, and Biotechnology. Her goal is to have an impact on people’s health and quality of life. She is a professor at Oswaldo Cruz College and a Biologist. Her PhD is in Psychobiology (Sleep Sciences) and her specialty is in Biotechnology (Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil).



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