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Wholesale Customer Account Registration Form

Methyl-Life sells its products at wholesale pricing to qualified resellers who apply and are approved via online application. Methyl-Life’s approval policy for wholesale customers depends upon the business or practitioner providing the appropriate documentation (see the requirements below). You must have:

  1. A Business Tax ID Number (EIN)
  2. A Reseller’s License and/or equivalent documentation if your state does not require a Reseller’s License to resell dietary supplements (i.e. in some states, doctors and/or clinics can have a Practitioner or Clinic License that allows them to resell dietary supplements)
    • You will need to submit a scanned copy (or clear photograph) of your License with your online registration.
I agree that I will NOT attempt to sell any Methyl-Life products on Amazon, Google, Walmart, Jet, Ebay or other public online markets. I will only use my own online websites and/or brick and mortar stores.*

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