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MTHFR and Anxiety: L-Methylfolate For Anxiety & (MTHFR Mutation)

MTHFR and Anxiety Browse Categories B-12 COVID-19 Deficiencies  Fertility / Pregnancy / Women's Health  Health Issues  Kid's Health Mental Health  Methylfolate Facts  MTHFR Genetics  News  Resources  Staying Healthy  Super-B-Complex Anxiety affects almost one-third of the US population4. This means that many of us can feel under the weather from time to time. Some factors that can affect our mood include hormone fluctuations, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, injuries, low and high blood sugar levels, digestive issues (such as leaky gut) and more. Even stress can cause mood swings that can last for a few minutes up to a few hours. We live in a world filled with mood disruptors. In a past article, we discussed the link between MTHFR and depression. Basically, MTHFR...
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