A Doctor Explains: Dr. Neil Rawlins on MTHFR

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Are you interested in learning more about MTHFR, or about how you can use a more complete supplementation program to support your body’methylation?

We’re excited to share two great resources on MTHFR from Dr. Neil Rawlins.

A Doctor Explains: Dr. Neil Rawlins on MTHFR

Dr. Neil Rawlins, MD, currently practices medicine at Kadlec Clinic in Richland, WA. You can visit his website on MTHFR here.

Click below to download a free copy of Dr. Neil Rawlins’ nutritional protocol for MTHFR mutations. It has been updated to include Methyl-Life and gives you a great rundown of how products like ours can support your MTHFR supplement requirements.

Or, watch the video! The lecture, linked below in four installments, was delivered in September 2011. Listen along and learn more about:

  • The Human Genome Project and how we know what we know about MTHFR
  • What MTHFR means for how your body activates folic acid
  • Who benefits from MTHFR-related supplements and why
  • The relationship between MTHFR genetic mutations and other conditions (including autism!)

Dr. Rawlins lectures on MTHFR

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