Quatrefolic 5-MTHF is the Best Solution for Folate Deficiency

vitamin b deficiency

There are many reasons why people may suffer from folate and folic acid deficiency, and only a few effective ways of treating it. One of the best remedies we can use these days for the folic acid supplementation is “Quatrefolic 5-mthf”.

It sounds complicated when we say Quatrefolic 5-mthf, but it is nothing more than the active form of folate (l-5-methyltetrahydrofolate). Actually, the simplest way to explain it to say this is the most readily absorbable form of vitamin B9 or folate.  It’s actually the only form your body can directly use.

First of all, folic acid and food folates are not biologically active forms. They must be converted to 5-MTHF (or L-5-MTHF) in order to become metabolically active. Of course, for the conversion to happen, it needs to go through a multi-step genetic conversion process. (1)

Folic acid represents a synthetic form of vitamin B9 which requires 4 conversion steps before it can become active and usable in the body.  This  is what’s mainly used in supplementation (fortified foods as well as vitamins). However, it is proven that our bodies can only convert and use a small amount of this synthetic substance. This is the reason why methylated folate, or the active form of this vitamin, is far better to take and provides excellent results. (1)

Quatrefolic 5-mthf contains only the active component of vitamin B9 (methylfolate). This is why it is so effective and why people are so surprised with the positive benefits resulting from its usage.

For those who want to know more about this supplement that has been described as the “fourth generation folate”, we can say it is an improved solution that is more stable, absorbable within the body and more flexible compared to earlier forms of folate, specifically folic acid.(2)

Now, let’s explain why people who suffer from folate deficiency should use Quatrefolic 5-mthf.

Treating folate deficiency with Quatrefolic 5-mthf

Probably the first thing we have to know about folate is that it has an extremely important role in the process of red blood cell creation, and deficiency of it can lead to anemia. In addition, it is proven that vitamin B9 is responsible for better “communication” between nerve cells – this is why folate is so important for maintenance of the central nervous system. Finally, we can say that this active form of the B9 vitamin (methylated folate) has been proven to be a very effective protector of health, especially from a number of related deficiencies. (1)(3)

One of the main roles of this substance is the development of purines and pyrimidines, which are required for synthesis of the nucleic acids DNA and RNA. This is important for fetal development during the first trimester of pregnancy. (4)

There are many serious health conditions that can be caused by vitamin B9 deficiency, and we have only mentioned a few of them.

What can we do to ensure we’re getting enough active folate for our cells to use? Basically, we can try to eat more berries and leafy greens, which are known to contain folate , but even better yet, supplement with Quatrefolic 5-mthf (the form of folate that does not need to be converted before it can be used immediately within your body’s cells). If you’re not sure how these supplements work, please consult a physician. If your doctor is unsure about the right dosage for your treatment, consider reviewing dosage philosophies from a couple doctors and/or a suggested methylation protocol.



4 Responses to “Quatrefolic 5-MTHF is the Best Solution for Folate Deficiency”

  1. Ann says :

    My older sister suffers from anemia….always has. I’m not sure if she takes any of this, but I’ll bring it up to her. And she’s not really one to go to the doctor for checkups, but I’ve always told her she needed to. I’ll send this link on to her and hope it can open up her eyes.

  2. Barrett Eudy says :

    If this is a way for my body to directly intake the essential nutrients of vitamin B9 then I would love to order some from you. It’s one of the deficiencies my body has that’s why I usually have a low resistance to some sickness. Thanks for sharing this with us, I’d definitely try some.

  3. bar_ish says :

    I am going to see if this supplement can help me. I feel like something is missing from my body all the time and I know it is one of the B vitamins. I can eat better, I know, but stress and a tight budget keep me from eating the way I know I should. I feel like taking supplements will help correct the issue in the meantime for me.

  4. jerome says :

    “There are many serious health conditions that can be caused by vitamin B9 deficiency”
    Very true. I’ve read that folate is necessary for your body to make new red blood cells. Your body needs red blood cells to carry oxygen to your organs. Great article

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