Understanding Folate Deficiency Symptoms

Folate Deficiency Symptoms

Folate or B12 deficiency can lead to anemia. Vitamin B helps the body to produce new cells. Folic acid helps to create red blood cells, and these cells are very important in carrying oxygen throughout the body. When your body does not have enough red blood cells, you develop anemia with primary symptoms, weakness and fatigue. This is what makes getting enough folic acid each day very important.

What Happens When You Have Folate Deficiency?

When you have Folate deficiency, your medical history plays an important role in revealing the underlying cause of this deficiency. The lack of folic acid and thus, the inability to form red blood cells adequately, makes your body weak and tired, since the oxygen supply is not sufficient.  A deficiency most often happens when your diet lacks foods that are rich in folic acid.

Patients with folate deficiency often complain about sore tongue or about painful swallowing. Some common folate deficiency symptoms include headaches, irritability, lethargy, weakness, behavioral disorders and heart palpitations. People with anemia can also have loss of appetite and weight loss (1).

Understanding Blood to Comprehend Folate Deficiency

Vitamin B12 deficiency is one of the main reasons for anemia, and the key relies on your understanding of how this system works. Blood is made of plasma, and it contains red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and proteins. The red blood cells transport oxygen around your body while the white blood cells protect your body from infection, and the platelets help your blood to clot.

Red blood cells contain a component called hemoglobin that binds oxygen to the blood, allowing the oxygen to be carried to all parts of your body – most importantly, to the heart and the brain. You need this oxygen in order to function optimally throughout the day, and if you lack it, you will feel tired, less alert and dizzy.

What Symptoms are Associated with Folate Deficiency?

In order to produce red blood cells and hemoglobin, you need to have healthy bone marrow, enough iron, vitamins and l methyl folate. If your body lacks folate, you will have fewer red blood cells and low hemoglobin levels. Depending on the extent of deficiency, symptoms can range from just feeling tired and drained of energy, to feeling breathless or even fainting.

Sometimes, you might also experience headaches, heart palpitations, tinnitus, paleness, numbness, and even feel depressed (2). This may be happening due to inadequate oxygen supply to your heart and brain. The most common cause of folate deficiency is an unbalanced diet, pregnancy or sometimes underlying systemic disorders.

If you feel the symptoms mentioned above, it is extremely important that you have your health checked at the nearest hospital. The most appropriate treatment is taking L-Methylfolate supplements so that your body starts getting enough absorbable folate and can produce sufficient red blood cells.




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  2. Jason Whitmore says :

    When would you recommend that the average healthy person should get their blood work done? I know that once you see what is all in your blood, you can at least adjust your diet and other things according to that.

  3. Becky Light says :

    It seems like iron is a major part of having a healthy body. When you are lacking it, the side effects are not good and it could lead to other issues.

  4. Thomas says :

    Thank you so much for sharing this, I’ve noticed occasional depression in my wife and I, I’ve also noticed that she’s very pale and irritable sometimes even though she gets plenty of sunlight. Maybe a folate deficiency could be the root cause?

  5. Angelyn Stacy says :

    This is how important it is for our bodies to have enough folate? This is very interesting. This is the first time I’ve heard of this so I’m in a bit of shock. For someone like me who’s usually sick, this can be one of the reasons, simply because I lack folate.

  6. bar_ish says :

    Wow I know what it means to have no energy. I am tired in hours after waking up. I am going to look into uping the amounts of folate in my body asap. I have trouble with mental issues like concentration and anxiety as well. I have a feeling there is a connection here. I think everyone needs to research their nutrition more.

  7. […] Folate or B12 deficiency can lead to anemia. Vitamin B helps the body to produce new cells. Folic acid helps to create red blood cells, and these cells are  […]

  8. jerome says :

    This is a very imporant article that everyone should read and take seriously because vitamin B12 deficiency can cause a wide range of symptoms.And these symptoms develop gradually but can worsen if the condition goes untreated.

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