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If you are looking at nutrients for your your child - whether you have an MTHFR test result for them or not, you may be wondering if there's a specific guideline that is unique to children (based on age or weight).  The short answer is no, but read on and you'll find we have a suggested protocol below.  Check out our short video on dosage (which also mentions children).

The truth about MTHFR and how it affects our health tends to be more about specific genetic SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) and how those generate or restrict enzymes in our bodies along specific pathways - for instance, the methylation pathway.  So enzymatic generation and conversion affects health more than age or weight.  This means there's no specific chart for children (or adults for that matter) based on their size, age or weight.  Instead we consider the nutrition and how the body absorbs and balances particular nutrients based on the various genetic norms or abnormalities it encounters in each specific body (based on their unique genetic makeup).

Because we don't have all of the pathways and genetics diagrammed and mapped out to every SNPs exact function level - neither can we determine the exact amount of any particular nutrient and how much of it which will affect those pathways.  We have general ideas and some symptom-specific studies have been done which give us some guidelines.  After that we have to rely somewhat on guesswork and experimentation which we do based on how our bodies respond to various dosage levels of any particular nutrients.  This is why when you search for appropriate dosage levels for children, you will not find a clear chart to follow.

So instead of basing the amount of active nutrients you need on age, size or weight, it really makes more sense to base it on what set of symptoms you're dealing with.  

For example:

  • Pregnancy/Fertility - target dosage is ~1-4 mg methylfolate per day
  • Diabetes/Cardiovascular Health - target dosage is ~3 mg methylfolate per day
  • Lowering Homocysteine levels - target dosage is ~3-7.5 mg methylfolate per day (Betaine/TMG and/or DMG can also help with this)  
  • ADD/ADHD/Focus and Attention - target dosage is ~1-5 mg methylfolate per day
  • Cognitive Health/Dementia/Alzheimer's - target dosage is ~5-6 mg methylfolate per day
  • Depression/Bipolar/Mental Health challenges - target dosage is ~7.5-15 mg methylfolate per day
  • Eye Health - target dosage is ~1 mg methylfolate per day

And while there is a lot of science behind it, there's also an artform in listening to your body and watching for the signs and signals (as well as symptoms it gives you), especially when you dose with active nutrients which can powerfully affect and mitigate certain gene mutations.

We recommend all those who do not know if they tolerate methylfolate well start with a low dose and increase very slowly (at 3-5 day increments) until they reach their target goal - this is especially true for children, those who are very sensitive to medications and supplements, those who have been impacted by trauma, and those who have chronic or complex illnesses, like chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, MS, Lyme, chemical sensitivities, etc.

Consider getting your homocysteine levels checked by a healthcare practitioner before you determine your final nutrients and dosage levels. Lowering homocysteine levels may take more nutrients and higher dosing than what's recommended below. 

But if you know your child has the mutation but is not showing any major health concerns, then consider supplementing with the below (if tolerated) at a minimum to keep the methylation enzymes balanced and functioning:

L-Methylfolate - 400-1,200 mcg 

Active B12 (hydroxocobalamin) - 166-500 mcg 

Active B6 (as pyridoxal-5-phosphate) - 1.6-5 mg

Bioactive Magnesium - 400 mg

This can be easily obtained along with a host of other methylation-supporting nutrients found in our chewable Methylated Multivitamin product.  

Simply chew 1 to 3 delicious chocolate-raspberry tablets a day (based on the dose you wish to target, your tolerance level or the amount of money you want to spend on a daily supplement). To ensure you’re getting lots of bioactive magnesium as well – one that has a high absorption and cellular use rate (consider a liposomal-type delivery such as Methyl-Life's™ Sucrosomial Magnesium). 

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POTENTIAL SIDE EFFECTS:  Lastly, please review our methylfolate side effects video for more information on over-methylation.



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