Magnesium Complete - Sucrosomial® Delivery

  • Liposomal-like delivery for Superior Absorption
  • New name - same exact product formula
  • Formerly labeled "Sucrosomial® Magnesium"
  • 90 capsules / 45 servings
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Superior Sucrosomial Magnesium®

 Again Methyl-Life® has searched the globe to find the highest quality ingredients available for its innovative products.  We’ve discovered a new, highly bioavailable version of magnesium showing greater absorption rates overall.  It’s called Sucrosomial® Magnesium and is manufactured in Italy. 

The manufacturer, Alesco, is using a unique technology to encapsulate the mineral with a liposomal-like structure made of phospholipids and sucrose esters from fatty acid; they call it Sucrosome®.  The Sucrosome® is similar in structure and properties to cell membranes, which allows for ease of transport into biological membranes.  This means the mineral can bypass the gut’s acids unharmed and be easily digested in the intestine which in turn gives it a clear path for absorption via transcellular and paracellular pathways.

So what does all that really mean? 

Essentially you get more magnesium transported into your cells where your body can actually best use it.  In a rat study, when Sucrosomial® Magnesium was compared to a highly bioavailable version of Magnesium Citrate, it showed a 20% higher absorption rate and that higher blood serum levels of magnesium held over time.  The urine excretion rate of magnesium was much higher and faster with the magnesium citrate, leading us to believe that Sucrosomial® Magnesium is better utilized by the body.

Magnesium plays an essential role in a large number of cellular and metabolic processes:

    • biosynthesis of lipids, proteins and nucleic acids to name a few
    • it is involved in over 300 enzymatic processes
    • it's important for the function of nerves and muscles, allowing the transmission of nerve impulses
    • it is essential for mineralization and skeletal development
      • Did you know our bones make up 60% of an adult body’s magnesium?
    • it also helps with the reduction of fatigue, PMS and Menopause symptoms
    • it can enhance sports performance
    • acts as an anti-anxiolytic and anti-stress agent
    • AND Magnesium is a very important co-factor for methylation support (which is important for those of us dealing with MTHFR and other genetic variants affecting methylation)

Methyl-Life® finally found a version that we’re very proud to make available to our MTHFR customers.  We’re excited to bring you more cellular vitality with our Sucrosomial® Magnesium! 

Science Based Fact: Magnesium is an essential mineral and a cofactor for the COMT (Catechol-O-methyltransferase) enzyme, which is required to transfer a methyl group from SAMe to metabolize dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. Essential for healthy mood, cardiovascular function, and nerve function.

SUGGESTED USE: Take 2 capsules 1-2 times a day or as your healthcare provider recommends.

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
45 servings per container Amount per Serving % Daily Value
Magnesium (from 1,000 mg of Magnesium Sucrosomial® [as Magnesium Oxide]) 320 mg 80%
100 mg **
OTHER INGREDIENTS:  capsule (water, hypromellose).

PRODUCT CONTAINS NO:  wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, egg, fish/shellfish, yeast, nuts, ingredients of animal origin, caffeine, artificial colorings, preservatives or artificial flavoring, bisphenol-A (BPA), or phthalate.


Methylfolate 15What is Magnesium Complete?

Magnesium Complete is a dietary supplement featuring Sucrosomial® Delivery, a cutting-edge technology designed to enhance the absorption and bioavailability of magnesium.

Methylfolate 15What is Sucrosomial® Delivery?

Sucrosomial® Delivery is an advanced delivery system that encapsulates magnesium within a protective layer of sucrose molecules, allowing for improved absorption and utilization of magnesium by the body.

Methylfolate 15What is Sucrosomial® Magnesium?

Sucrosomial® Magnesium is a highly bioavailable form of magnesium renowned for its superior absorption rates compared to other magnesium supplements. Manufactured in Italy, Sucrosomial® Magnesium is meticulously sourced to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness.

Methylfolate 15What makes Sucrosomial® Magnesium unique?

Sucrosomial® Magnesium stands out for its innovative delivery system, which enhances the absorption and bioavailability of magnesium in the body. Methyl-Life® is committed to sourcing the highest quality ingredients worldwide to bring you innovative products that meet the highest standards of efficacy and performance.

Methylfolate 15How does Sucrosomial® Magnesium benefit the body?

Sucrosomial® Magnesium enhances the transportation of magnesium into cells, optimizing its utilization by the body. In a rat study comparing Sucrosomial® Magnesium to a highly bioavailable version of Magnesium Citrate, it demonstrated a 20% higher absorption rate and maintained higher blood serum levels of magnesium over time.

Methylfolate 15Why is Sucrosomial® Magnesium considered superior to other forms of magnesium?

Sucrosomial® Magnesium is believed to be better utilized by the body compared to other forms of magnesium, as indicated by its higher absorption rate and sustained blood serum levels in comparison studies. Additionally, its slower urine excretion rate suggests improved retention and utilization within the body.

Methylfolate 15What are the essential roles of magnesium in the body?

Magnesium plays a crucial role in numerous cellular and metabolic processes, including the biosynthesis of lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids. It is involved in over 300 enzymatic processes and contributes to the function of nerves and muscles, facilitating the transmission of nerve impulses. Additionally, magnesium is essential for mineralization and skeletal development, with bones comprising 60% of an adult body’s magnesium.

Methylfolate 15How does magnesium benefit overall health and well-being?

In addition to its fundamental roles, magnesium also helps reduce fatigue, alleviate symptoms of PMS and menopause, enhance sports performance, and act as an anti-anxiolytic and anti-stress agent. Moreover, magnesium serves as an important co-factor for methylation support, particularly significant for individuals dealing with MTHFR and other genetic variants affecting methylation.

Methylfolate 15What makes Sucrosomial® Magnesium from Methyl-Life® unique for MTHFR customers?

Methyl-Life® is proud to offer a version of Sucrosomial® Magnesium specifically tailored to meet the needs of MTHFR customers. This innovative formulation provides enhanced cellular vitality, contributing to overall well-being and vitality.

Methylfolate 15What benefits can MTHFR customers expect from Sucrosomial® Magnesium?

Sucrosomial® Magnesium from Methyl-Life® offers MTHFR customers improved cellular vitality and support, helping to address specific concerns associated with MTHFR mutations. By providing a highly bioavailable form of magnesium, this product can help optimize cellular function and promote overall health and vitality.

Please Note

Before purchasing any of our products, Methyl-Life® recommends that you talk with a healthcare professional if you have any questions. Methyl-Life® cannot be held liable for adverse reactions or negative side effects that you think are the result of one of our products.

If you have not used Methyl-Life® products before, please consider ordering one bottle to start before making larger orders. We also recommend you read through our dosage and methylation protocol pages and consider starting with a lower dose product to ensure you tolerate the ingredients well before increasing your strength to a higher dose product.

It is also important to speak with your healthcare professional before purchasing. Methyl-Life® prefers not to accept returns for large orders. If you return three unopened bottles from a 4-pack purchase, you will receive a full refund minus the cost of one bottle charged at full price.

Within 45 days of your order, you can return any unopened item shipped to you by Methyl-Life® (as long as all seals are intact). Just let us know you plan to return the product by emailing us at: or using the Contact Us form (please include the tracking information so we can be on the lookout for the package).

It will be your responsibility and cost to ensure the return parcel gets to Methyl-Life® (ship to: P.O. Box 33606, Seattle, WA 98133). We suggest you get a tracking number and consider insuring the package. After we receive your returned item, we will process your full refund within 10 business days and send you an email indicating your refund has been complete. Be aware that depending upon your institution, this may not be reflected in your account status for a few days.

If you have received the wrong item or your product has been damaged or is somehow defective, please email us at: with detailed information or use the Contact Us form and our Customer Service Manager will address your concern(s) right away. Please do not throw any items away unless or until you are directed to do so.



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