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If you are proactively looking at nutrients for your genetic variant, MTHFR, and you haven’t had many negative symptoms develop from it (at least none that you're aware of so far) – then you are in the minority, but in a wonderful and proactive place. 

One thing I would encourage you to do, especially if you have a double mutation or two single mutations, please consider getting your homocysteine levels checked by a healthcare practitioner before you determine your final nutrients and dosage levels. Lowering homocysteine levels may take more nutrients and higher dosing than what's recommended below. 

High homocysteine can be like high blood sugar in that some people don't really 'feel anything bad happening', but the high homocysteine levels are still causing A LOT of damage to happen in the body (even if you can't really 'feel' it).  It's important to deal with high homocysteine levels (since they severely impact underlying health issues and promote disease).  Anything above 10 mcmol/L should be lowered.  5-8 mcmol/L is the optimal range for homocysteine.  Learn more about the dangers of high homocysteine.  It's even responsible for gout attacks.  

But if you truly have almost no symptoms or you know your child has the mutation but is not showing any health concerns, then consider supplementing with the below at a minimum to keep your methylation enzymes balanced and functioning:

L-Methylfolate - 400-1,200 mcg 

Active B12 (hydroxocobalamin) - 166-500 mcg 

Active B6 (as pyridoxal-5-phosphate) - 1.6-5 mg

Bioactive Magnesium - 400-600 mg

This can be easily obtained along with a host of other methylation-supporting nutrients found in our chewable Methylated Multivitamin product

Simply chew 1-3 delicious chocolate-raspberry tablets a day (based on the dose you wish to target, your tolerance level or the amount of money you want to spend on a daily supplement). To ensure you’re getting lots of bioactive magnesium as well – one that has a high absorption and cellular use rate (consider a liposomal-type delivery such as Methyl-Life's™ Sucrosomial Magnesium). 

If you develop additional health symptoms down the line, come back and visit us to find out if you should be taking more of any particular nutrient(s).

Click to determine what form of B12 is best for you personally to take.

POTENTIAL SIDE EFFECTS:  Lastly, please review our dosage page/video for more information on dosing with methylfolate and its potential side effects.

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