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Your suggested daily methylfolate target might be around 3 mg of L-Methylfolate (we base this on the Metanx prescription product prescribed for Diabetes helping to reduce homocysteine levels for cardiovascular health and improve peripheral neuropathy – it contains 3 mg of L-Methylfolate and has clinical studies behind it). Some folks respond quickly – within weeks and others may take a full 4 months before they respond favorably to the therapeutic methylfolate dosing.   

You will want to download and follow our FREE step-by-step Cardiovascular/Diabetes Methylation Protocol which lists specific products and dosages. Start where you feel comfortable with your initial dose and increase slowly (as/if you tolerate it) until you get to the 3 mg goal. Not everyone can tolerate this amount of methylfolate. You may only be able to take 1/2 of that amount, but that might be just right for you personally. Listen to your body as you adjust dosing!     

CAVEAT: It’s very important that you do not take methylfolate without also taking an active form of B12 with it, otherwise you could mask a B12 deficiency issue and incur other complications. Methyl-Life™ has many product combinations which cover both of these key nutrients (and you'll find them on your FREE Methylation Protocol sheet).

High homocysteine can be like high blood sugar in that some people don't really 'feel anything bad happening', but the high homocysteine levels are still causing A LOT of damage to happen in the body (even if you can't really 'feel' it).  It's important to deal with high homocysteine levels (since they severely impact underlying health issues and promote disease).  Anything above 10 mcmol/L should be lowered.  5-8 mcmol/L is the optimal range for homocysteine.  Learn more about the dangers of high homocysteine.  It's even responsible for gout attacks.

Click to determine what form of B12 is best for you personally to take.

POTENTIAL SIDE EFFECTS:  Lastly, please review our dosage page/video for more information on dosing with methylfolate and its potential side effects.

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