A Suggested Methylation Protocol

A Suggested Methylation Protocol

When you have an MTHFR deficiency, the solution is not always straightforward. Symptoms vary. Testing can be confusing. Figuring out what to do with your test results can be bewildering!

That’s why Methyl-Life is dedicated to bringing you the resources you need to make informed decisions about your treatment plan.

Before you continue with this suggested methylation protocol, we recommend you start by reading our thoughts on methylfolate dosage, where we share important information about doctors’ perspectives on treating MTHFR, what to consider as you listen to your body, and what to watch out for as possible side effects.

Remember, your body’s needs and sensitivities are unique. Every person has different genetics, symptoms, and toxic exposure, no one protocol will fit us all. This methylation protocol is just one possible approach to methylfolate supplementation, designed to help people experiment with dosage levels slowly and safely based on their goals.

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How to use this methylation protocol:

  • Start on the “step” that you think fits you best based on the descriptions in the first column. If you’re feeling unsure, just start at the beginning!
  • Take 1-7 days at each step, depending on how sensitive you are to supplement changes and how carefully you want to track your body’s reactions. 2-5 days is a comfortable average.
  • Progress along the guide until you feel your best. If you experience negative reactions, you may have progressed beyond what is a good therapeutic dose for you, or it’s possible that a new nutrient has been introduced that your body doesn’t like. In this case, just go back to the last step where you felt great!



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