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It’s worth noting that most doctors giving B12 shots are using the specific form cyanocobalamin, which is the cheap synthetic version that has cyanide in it. They typically give mega-doses (10-25 mg) to help those with B12 deficiency symptoms.

However, this is not necessarily required. Cyanocobalamin has to go through a complex conversion process within the body in order to become active and many people cannot do these conversions well, so much of the dose goes unused (even with a shot). 

Hydroxocobalamin is a rare and somewhat expensive, but also ‘active’ form of B12 that’s very well-tolerated by most people. This is the form we at Methyl-Life™ recommend (along with many naturopaths and nutritionists who understand B12) because it has the best overall effect for its users. Not only is it an active form itself, but it also converts into two other active forms within the body (methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin). 

And believe it or not, the studies tell us that sublingual B12 is just as effective as intramuscular B12 shots, so find yourself a good source of hydroxocobalamin (and put it under your tongue to dissolve).  Methyl-Life™ carries an affordable, vegan version of hydroxocobalamin in a tasty sublingual form.

And if you're looking for a full-spectrum B12 product that contains all three active forms of B12, then check out Methyl-Life's™ B12 Complete product to learn more.  It contains a therapeutic dose of hydroxocobalamin as well as methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin to bioactively meet all of your body's B12 needs.



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