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Methylfolate only result 7.1

Our recommendation for you is below

Your Recommendation:

Your suggested daily methylfolate target might be around 1-4 mg of L-Methylfolate (we base this on the NeevoDHA prescription prenatal and Dr. Rawlins’ pregnancy recommendations) – NeevoDHA contains 1 mg of L-Methylfolate, just like Methyl-Life's™ chocolate raspberry chewable Methylated Multivitamin

If you have no MTHFR mutations, 1 mg should suffice, if you know you have an MTHFR mutation(s), then 2-4 mg might be more helpful for you. 

Download and follow our FREE step-by-step Sensitive Methylation Protocol which lists specific products and dosages. Start very low with your initial dose and increase VERY SLOWLY (only if you tolerate it) until you get to the mg goal you choose (or best tolerate). 

CAVEAT: It’s very important that you do not take methylfolate without also taking an active form of B12 with it, otherwise you could mask a B12 deficiency issue and incur other complications. 

Click to determine what form of B12 is best for you personally to take.

POTENTIAL SIDE EFFECTS:  Lastly, please review our dosage page/video for more information on dosing with methylfolate and its potential side effects.

A Note on Miscarriages: One customer who had 5 successive miscarriages finally switched from folic acid to Methyl-Life's™ B-Methylated II product and was able to bring her baby girl to full term. She fully believes it’s because she stopped the high dose folic acid (which she could not convert in her body due to the MTHFR mutation) and chose Methyl-Life's™ professional quality methylated folate instead (which gets around this folate converting enzyme and delivers the most bioactive folate your body needs). 

However, if you are super sensitive, you may NOT tolerate the amount of methylfolate in that product or the type of active B12 found in it (methylcobalamin) - so follow the protocol sheet you downloaded first and go slowly with that before you give the B-Methylated II product a try.  You may likely do best with our Methylfolate 2.5 and Hydroxocobalamin product combination instead (Actives for Sensitives).

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