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A recent study proved our professional-strength L-Methylfolate 3x PURER compared to other industry leading brands

Our Quality L-Methylfolate Formulas

We rely on research-based science as well as healthcare practitioners to build and deliver our professional strength product formulas.  L-Methylfolate is a critical nutrient protecting neurotransmission and helping produce serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine.  It can be found in high doses (7.5mg -15mg) as an adjunct prescription for depression as well as an aid for mental health.  But prescription products are often expensive and contain allergens or unwanted fillers.

Methyl-Life™ products deliver the same high dose L-Methylfolate strengths much more affordably and without you needing a prescription (though we highly recommend you be under the care of a healthcare specialist when taking high dose L-Methylfolate).  

Methyl-Life™ provides an unmatched level of stability and potency with our L-Methylfolate due to a proprietary, 'super clean' sonification process.  This makes our L-Methylfolate the purest on the planet!  Our L-Methylfolate contains only 0.02-0.03% impurities where our nearest competitor measures between 0.08-0.09% for the same impurities - learn more.

Our exceptional formulas are based on healthcare professionals' protocols of active and co-factor-based nutrients for those working to support:  

  • methylation
  • an MTHFR variant
  • depression
  • central nervous system health
  • cardiovascular health
  • reproductive health 
  • nerve health
  • detoxification and more

We are proud to provide most of our formulas as tasty chewable tablets for easy compliance and just plain enjoy-ability ... because why shouldn't you enjoy taking your required nutraceutical everyday?



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