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Focus & Recall (Supplement for Brain Focus: Citicoline, Phosphatidylserine, PQQ) - 2 month supply

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Focus & Recall - 3 power-packed nutrients for brain health

Methyl-Life™ continues to discover amazing nutrients that directly affect the brain in terms of:  memory, attention, mood and behavior.  Our diets have been severely lacking key nutrients that our brains need due to industrialization and the extreme processing our food undergoes in these modern times. 

So Methyl-Life™ has put together a dynamic product combining 3 highly-effective ingredients that you’ll rarely see in a formula together because most companies don’t think consumers will pay the higher cost of putting all of the heavy-hitters together into a single product (which is actually more affordable for consumers than having to purchase 3 separate products).

  1. Cognizin®, a patented Citicholine, is a special form of choline that crosses the blood-brain barrier in order to sharpen the brain for its precise memory-related functions, like synthesizing acetylcholine and phosphatidylcholine. In Japan, Citicholine was originally created for stroke patients, to help them regain their nervous system functions.  It’s now used more widely, for conditions like:  age-related memory loss, mild cognitive impairment, dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, ADHD, Parkinson’s, head trauma, etc.  Clinical article (read the Conclusion section to see the many ways citicoline works in the brain) –
  2. Sharp-PS® GREEN is a patented, non-soy, non-GMO form of PS, or Phosphatidylserine. It’s a foundational phospholipid used by the brain which protects our neuron cells and enhances their signaling capabilities.  There have been many double-blind, placebo-based studies with PS which repeatedly show significant improvements to cognition as far as memory, attention, mood and behavior.  In fact, it’s the only cognitive nutrient that has FDA claims.  *“Consumption of PS may reduce the risk of cognitive dysfunction in the elderly”; and *”Consumption of PS may reduce the risk of dementia in the elderly”.  PubMed article:
  3. PQQ, or Pyrroloquinoline quinone, is known for its ability to enhance neuro-protection as well as mitochondria functions in the brain. PQQ is found in human breast milk and was discovered in Japan as a nutrient that can reduce cognitive decline.  PQQ elongates the dendrites in neuron cells which stimulates the Nerve-Growth Factor (NGF).  It also seems to combat the toxic effects of ROS (reactive oxygen species) in the brain which causes dysfunction in neurotransmission.  All these factors contribute to better memory and brain health.  PubMed article: 
SUGGESTED USE: Take one capsule by mouth as needed or as your health care provider recommends.

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
60 servings per container Amount per Serving % Daily Value

Citicoline (CDP-Choline) - (as Cognizin®)

325 mg **
Phosphatidylserine - (as Sharp-PS® GREEN) - (60% Phosphatidylserine) - From Non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin (Helianthus annuus) (seed) - soy free. Contains naturally occurring Phosphatidylcholine (PC), Phosphatidylinositol (PI), and Phosphatidylethanolamine (PE)
188 mg **
PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline quinine disodium)
20 mg **
OTHER INGREDIENTS: Rice flour, Capsule (hypromellose, purified water).

PRODUCT CONTAINS NO: wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, egg, fish/shellfish, yeast, sugar, nuts, ingredients of animal origin, caffeine, artificial colorings, preservatives or artificial flavoring, bisphenol-A (BPA), or phthalate. 


Do I have to swallow the capsule, or can I open it and put the contents directly into my mouth or on my food, etc.?

You can swallow or open the contents of the capsule as you prefer. Either way, the nutrients will absorb well into your system.

Focus & Recall What makes the Cognizin® Citicoline ingredient so special?

It is the first Citicoline that has been used and tested not only on the elderly population suffering from dementia or age-related memory loss conditions, but it has also been trialed with healthy patient populations and found successful in enhancing multiple brain functions. Check out what the Japanese manufacturer’s of Cognizin® have to say about it:

Focus & Recall What is so unique about the Sharp-PS® GREEN ingredient?

It is a patented ingredient made in Israel, it is not derived from soy (which is what most of the Phosphatidylserine products are derived from), which makes it more allergen friendly. It is non-GMO based, and has lots of great research touting its significant impact on brain function. 

Please Note

Before purchasing any of our products, Methyl-Life™; recommends that you talk with a healthcare professional if you have any questions. Methyl-Life™ cannot be held liable for adverse reactions or negative side effects that you think are the result of one of our products.

If you have not used Methyl-Life™ products before, please consider ordering one bottle to start before making larger orders. We also recommend you read through our dosage and methylation protocol pages and consider starting with a lower dose product to ensure you tolerate the ingredients well before increasing your strength to a higher dose product.

It is also important to speak with your healthcare professional before purchasing. Methyl-Life™ prefers not to accept returns for large orders. If you return three unopened bottles from a 4-pack purchase, you will receive a full refund minus the cost of one bottle charged at full price.

Within 45 days of your order, you can return any unopened item shipped to you by Methyl-Life™ (as long as all seals are intact). Just let us know you plan to return the product by emailing us using the Contact Us form (please include the tracking information so we can be on the lookout for the package).

It will be your responsibility and cost to ensure the return parcel gets to Methyl-Life™ (ship to: P.O. Box 1484, Renton, WA 98057). We suggest you get a tracking number and consider insuring the package. After we receive your returned item, we will process your full refund within 10 business days and send you an email indicating your refund has been complete. Be aware that depending upon your institution, this may not be reflected in your account status for a few days.

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