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COVID-19 has changed our world ...

radically since it's been discovered and reported on.  For a large majority of us, its news has made us think a lot more seriously and proactively about how to keep ourselves in a better state of health – and that means ensuring our immune system is fully firing on all levels so we can fight off COVID-19 should we contract it.  Not to mention the thousands of other viruses and flus that can wreak havoc on our health.

There are now TONS of resources on things you can take to improve your immune system, but what you may not know is that L-Methylfolate plays an unexpectedly large role in the health of our immune system

First of all methylfolate keeps our homocysteine levels down – when homocysteine goes above 10, they can be quite dangerous for our cardiovascular system and make us more prone to events like stroke, heart attack, etc., but beyond that, high homocysteine levels heavily impair our immune system from properly responding to invaders and viral attacks. 

Another key point that may surprise you is that research has recently shown low folate levels leave open furin sites which specifically enable the COVID-19 virus to replicate and advance to damage its host. Researchers are finding that those who are suffering the most from COVID-19 (including those who have succumbed to it) have low folate levels AND high homocysteine levels. Both of these fundamental things can be solved by simply supplementing with L-Methylfolate – a very simple nutrient to consider in the face of such severe ramifications as the corona virus has been dealing out.

NOTE:  Do not take L-Methylfolate on its own or you could be masking a B12 deficiency that’s not easily found (and that will bring a whole host of its own health issues).  Instead, be smart and choose to take an active form of B12 along with your L-Methylfolate.  Then you can feel a little better about what you’re providing your immune system in the face of COVID-19 and future viruses of its kind.

Okay, so now let’s determine the specific methylation protocol and nutrients you may want to consider for improving your immune system health and better protect yourself against COVID-19.  Assuming you are NOT depressed, click the button below to find the best methylation protocol for you.  If you believe you ARE depressed, go back and click from the symptom list on the previous page, the “I AM depressed” option (this makes a significant difference regarding the amount of L-Methylfolate that might be best for you to take).

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