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Page Stuck/Frozen/Non-Responsive - How To Fix?

Methyl-Life® Website's Page Is Stuck/Frozen - What Should I Do?

Sometimes while visiting our website you may run into frozen/stuck/non-responsive pages. In such situations you become totally helpless. No feature on the page will work as intended. This can happen when you are about to place an order or just reading a blog post. The page becomes non-responsive or in a constant "Loading" phase. When this happens, you are not able to click on the number of items you would like to buy, because the quantity section of the page becomes non-responsive with a constant loading icon animation. 

This can happen for a large number of reasons: 

  1.  Your internet connection disconnected while loading the page. 
  2.  Your internet connection was slow when you loaded the page and while loading you clicked on something. 
  3.  You have a fast internet connection but you clicked on something before the page had the time to load completely. 
  4.  Our servers were slow because a large number of visitors are using the website at the same time, this caused the page to load slowly. The page did not have enough time to load and you clicked on something. 
  5.  When loading the page our servers malfunctioned this caused the page to be frozen. 
  6.  And many other reasons that can cause a page to be stuck, frozen or non-responsive. 

No matter what the reason is the main issue at hand here is that you are not able use the website as intended. We will help you solve this issue with step-by-step instructions.  

How To Fix Frozen/Non-Responsive Page? 

Follow these steps to fix a frozen/non-responsive page: 

1. Click the "Refresh" button on your browser. Doing this will cause the current frozen page to reload. Make sure you let the page load completely. Do not click on anything until the page is completely loaded in your browser. After the page has loaded you can then continue your use of the website. Usually Methyl-Life®'s Website pages load pretty quickly and you will not have to wait or even notice this process happing in real-time, however sometimes when there are a large number of visitors using the website it can cause the server to slow down or if your internet connection is running slow it can cause the pages to load slowly. 

The "Refresh" button typically looks the same on all major internet browsers including: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and others. The "Refresh" button can be found in the upper left-hand corner of most internet browsers and is represented as a circular arrow icon. See below

How To Know If A Page Is Completely Loaded Or Still Loading? 

The most important factor to consider is to always make sure the website page has loaded completely and this is true for any website, if you want everything on the website to work properly. When you visit any website and click on links, a very quick process of data flowing from your computer to the server and from the server to your computer runs in the background. Typically this process is very quick and you may not notice it (If things are running optimally). However, sometimes either the website's servers may be running slow because of large burdens or your internet connection may be running slow. In either case it will take your computer/device longer than usual to load the page. 

While the page is loading, most internet browsers tend to show you a "Loading" icon animation that represents the "Loading" process. You will typically see this icon animation until the page loads. The "Loading" icon animation will stop when the page has loaded completely. Most internet browsers will show the "Loading" icon animation around the tab section. It can be a circular animation around the icon in the tab for some browsers or dots animation for others, but be assured you will see some sort of page loading animation. If you are using our recommended internet browser (Google Chrome) you can see the screen shot of a page loading animation below: 

In the above image you see a circular animation around the website icon in the tab section of the internet browser. When this animation stops it means the page has loaded completely. While the animation is playing it means, your computer is downloading data from the server. Do not interact with the page while this icon is playing because it can cause the website page to mal-function and go into a frozen/non-responsive state. This is true for all websites. 

If "Refreshing" your internet browser did not solve your issue and your page is still frozen, please follow the instructions below. 

I "Refreshed" The Browser But The Page Is Still Frozen. How To Fix? 

It looks like "Refreshing" your internet browser did not solve the frozen page issue for you. Not to worry. Please try the next fix below. 

1. Exit the internet browser completely on your desktop/laptop. If you are on a mobile device (Phone or Tablet) clear the app from the devices memory. If you do not know how to clear the mobile device's memory please go to and search how to clear your devices memory. To exit the browser on a desktop/laptop you will need to click the "Exit" button in the upper right-hand corner. See the image below: 

2. After exiting the internet browser, relaunch the internet browser and go to

3. Go to the page you would like to visit making sure you let the page load completely. This should solve your issue in most cases.  

I've Tried The Above Fix But The Page Is Still Frozen. How To Fix?

If you've tried the above fix without any luck, then you may need to clear your browser's cookies/cache. Your internet browser has a setting that automatically saves a website's data (snapshot of the website). This is done to help make the process of visiting a website as quick as possible. When you visit a website for the first time, your internet browser saves many files from the site onto your computer/device. The next time you visit that site, the internet browser will not need to download all of the data and hence make the website loading process quick. However this can also cause problems. If your internet browser saves a malfunctioning file from a website (for any reason), the website will keep freezing/malfunctioning every time you visit it because the internet browser is not loading the correct working files, instead it is using the files it downloaded earlier (which are malfunctioning). If this is happening to you, then you will need to clear the internet browsers cookies/cache. To find out how to do this please CLICK HERE

I've Tried The Above Fix But The Page Is Still Frozen. How To Fix?

If you've tried all of the "Fixes" above but the page you are trying to visit is still frozen then try this final fix, which should work in almost all cases. 

1. Exit out of all programs on your computer/mobile device. 

2. Turn your computer/mobile device off. Wait five minutes. 

3. If you are using a wifi router to connect to the internet, please turn it off and wait five minutes and then turn it back on.  

4. Now turn your computer/mobile device back on. Wait for the computer/device to load all programs/softwares (which can take 1 to 5 mins). 

5. Connect to your wifi connection. The quickest method to find out if you are connected to the internet is by trying to play a youtube video. If the video plays, you are connected to the internet. This is also a good way to find out if your internet is running slow or at full capacity. To find out, simply play a youtube video in high resolution. If the video keeps buffering it means your internet connection is slow. 

6. Go to and visit the page you would like to (making sure you let the pages load completely). 

This final fix should help fix the frozen/non-responsive page issue for 99% of the users. However if this does not help then you could have a technical issue with your device/computer. Which can include: 

1. Using an old/outdated internet browser or using an internet browser that our website does not support: Click Here to get the latest internet browser that our website supports. 

2. Your computer/device may have malware/virus. If this is true you should contact an anti-virus/anti-malware company for support. 

3. You do not have the required hardware to visit our website. To find out the required hardware CLICK HERE

4. Active internet connection is required to visit our website. Trying playing a youtube video to see if your internet connection is active. 

Sometimes you can run into the frozen page issue, if you try to visit a page that our website team is updating at the same time you are visiting. However, if that does happen you simply can wait a few minutes and try the tips above and your issue should be solved.  

If you are sure that your computer/device does not have malware/virus and your internet connection is working correctly, then it could be an issue with our server or website. In this case please email our website development team at When emailing our development team please include the following information. 

1. URL of the page that you are having the issue with. 

2. Screenshots of the issue or take a short video of the issue with your phone and send that video to the Dev team. 

3. Explanation of the issue in the email. 

The more information you provide the better. Our development team will get back to you within 24/hrs Monday to Friday. 



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