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Lisa – A Mother’s Story

Lisa's personal story about Methyl-Life

After suffering with depression that did not respond to SSRI’s, and severe chronic fatigue, and memory loss, I began to also have miscarriages – I had 5 in a row. This set off alarm bells for doctors. I was sent to a fertility clinic for testing. Other than a slightly lower progesterone level, I was in great condition except … I’m compound heterozygous for MTHFR. My RE wanted to treat me with a mega dose of folic acid. I tried this and miscarried again. After researching (which included Dr. Rawlins as well as this website) I concluded that Methylfolate is what I should be taking. My doctor and I disagreed, but I took it anyway. In fact … I still do. I take Methyl-Life’s® B-Methylated II at 3 mg strength.
Guess what? My memory is much better, no more extreme tiredness, no more low mood, my mood's stabilized, and I’m now in the third trimester of a healthy pregnancy!

I just wanted to share with you how valuable your product has become to me. I never ever miss a daily dose of my B-Methylated II. I am a firm believer in this supplement being the saving grace allowing this mother of 3 boys, to be welcoming her first daughter in less than three months time. THANK YOU!!! It’s affordable … it works … it’s excellent quality!

About 3 months later, Methyl-Life® received this update from Lisa …
This is our Methyl-Life® baby. After 5 recurrent miscarriages, and doctors being baffled and trying to feed me mega doses of folic acid for my compound heterozygous MTHFR – I did my own research and found this wonderful company and their supplements. I took 3 mg of B-Methylated II through my entire pregnancy. I did not miss a single day! I know for certain that was the reason this little girl made it to our arms!

Jarod’s Story – Chronic Illness

I have been sick, strange, and angry my entire life. I finally developed a yeast problem that took the form of a fungal sinus infection and intestinal yeast overgrowth according to the doctor who diagnosed me; after a forgettable journey with several allopathic doctors in my area. I have been taking the 5-MTHF along with other supplements aimed at my compound heterozygous complications and seen a complete turnaround in my physical and mental health. I am close to being healthy after a lifetime of living with chronic health and mental issues. I don’t have words.

Jill’s Story – A Daughter’s Distress

Dear Methyl-Life,

I have been so pleased with your product as it has helped my 13 year old daughter tremendously with her anxious symptoms for the past 6 months. Our Pediatrician told us to try L-Methylfolate 15mg for to help with the distressing feelings before going to an anti-anxiety medication like Prozac. We have been giving this to her daily along with a probiotic and the results have been great. So much so, that if she skips her pill for a couple days she will start to notice the difference in her feelings of anxiousness. 

Thank you so much Methyl-Life® for making a quality product at an affordable price. We are very thankful!

Liane’s Story – Los Angeles, CA

I tested positive for C677T. Prior to my test results I was diagnosed as ADHD, anxiety disorders, depression, panic attacks, Bipolar Disorder and placed on enough meds to kill a horse. I got worse and never better. A psychiatrist told me, “You are non-compliant.” Meaning the drugs failed and he blamed me. My medical issue was misdiagnosed and left untreated. Psychiatrists and ordinary doctors are unaware this gene defect exists or how it manifests. Because I was sluggish in the morning and energetic once the sun went down the psychiatrist felt this meant I was Bipolar, which I am not.

I met someone with the MTHFR gene defect. They said, “You remind me of myself. Why don’t you get tested for this gene? If you have it then you know and can get treatment. If not? Then you rule it out. No harm done.” I discussed it with my doctor. She was embarrassed at not figuring it out sooner. She said, “I have a number of patients with this gene defect. Why didn’t I figure it out earlier? It makes sense this is your problem!”

My test came back positive. I was started on supplements. I was taken off of 20 different kinds of psychiatric psychotropic meds. I improved. People tell me, “You are like a different person! You are completely different now!” It is true.

My problems with many of my complicated symptoms are gone. I feel happy, settled and calm. My life has changed completely.

What appeared to be a psychiatric illness was in fact NOT. I simply have a common gene defect that requires supplementation. My mental health is fine when I supplement. I get suicidal when I don’t supplement.

Amy takes Methyl-Life® products [Methylfolate 15 + B12 Complete] as well as other supporting supplements. She also values some of the detailed MTHFR support information found on

Kim’s Story – Low Mood

I took my first pill yesterday, and I am not sure if it’s possible or just in my head, but by the time I got home from work, I was in a good mood … first time in a very long time … I am so excited, and this morning, I actually found myself singing … lol

Thank you so much for your support … you’re a special person to take your time to help someone you don’t even know … I appreciate it. You have restored my faith in mankind. 

I can’t thank you enough … if you hadn’t developed your product … I have been on antidepressants for twenty years. First time in twenty years I have been off.

Hank – A Nerve Pain Story

I hope you remember my last E-mail about my success with the treatment of the nerve pain in my feet. My condition continues to be stable and the tingling with wild itching and pins and needles has subsided. The numbness still persists but has lessened and some feelings have done a minor improvement.

My regiment consists of and is taken Daily:

I gradually increased the dosages over time until I reached a point where positive results were achieved with the above regiment.

Blood tests indicate slightly elevated levels of these supplements but my Primary Care and the Pharmacist at the Veterans Clinic as well as my Podiatrist there have no problems with the test results. All in all my condition has been an improvement at a greatly lesser cost than taking the Rx Version of this combination sold as Metanx®. My dosages are higher than the Metanx® that would be taken twice daily. 

The equivalent of my regiment would require taking Metanx® 4 times daily at a cost of over $400 every 3 months. I hope this information may help out others as well. 

One note of caution PLEASE DO NOT take this regimen or my experience as normal or acceptable for all to use unless done with the CONSULT and RECOMMENDATION of your own DOCTOR!! 

**Results may vary from patient to patient. 



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