What supplements to take when pregnant with MTHFR? Methylfolate and Pregnancy

Methylfolate is important during pregnancy, for you and the baby!

How come all of the doctors don’t seem to be on the same page about this yet then? You might even be surprised to learn that folic acid is probably not very good for you. Stick with us and we’ll tell you all about why and what to take instead.

Our Customer Success Story: 

"I have been studying methylfolate since 2011, long before most people had ever even heard of it. I learned about it through an OBGYN who was able to save his son’s life using the nutrient. I was convinced not only by the science I learned from Dr. Rawlins, but also by my own personal journey as well as the overwhelmingly positive responses my customers have had with the nutrient. Many have sent testimonials telling us how powerful this specific form of folate has been for their mood levels and pregnancy needs. One particular customer, Lisa, had 5 miscarriages in a row taking large doses of folic acid, then after some research, she started taking one of our methylfolate supplements and was able to bring a healthy baby girl into her family, Lisa believes methylfolate changed her life. And I know the right kind of folate totally changed my life which is why I became a methylfolate expert and am obsessed with ensuring the methylfolate I take every day has the best chemistry and quality on the planet."

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So methylfolate for pregnancy instead of folic acid then? Yes!!!

Mostly because more than half of the population has MTHFR, which is a genetic condition that doesn’t allow the body to properly convert folic acid into the type of folate the cells need to activate all of the downstream reactions required to keep the body healthy.

Folic Acid needs 4 conversions within the body to take place before it can become the ‘active’ form of folate that your body needs to function optimally (that’s methylfolate).

How does this conversion stuff impact pregnancy? 

If the body isn’t in a healthy place able to make the right kind of healthy home for the baby, and giving it all the nutrients/enzymes/conditions it needs, the body will early abort the fetus resulting in a miscarriage. 

And if over half of the population can’t make these conversions which are needed to provide that basic building-block level of health, then it’s something to be alarmed about, especially when we know folate is so vital to the entire prenatal journey.

We also know that methylfolate protects against birth defects, particularly neural tube defects. So you’re protecting yourself by establishing a solid basic folate health foundation and you’re also protecting the baby along the way. 

Now, let’s be real, is methylfolate the miracle that will solve all pregnancy and pre-natal related issues, no, not at all. But I would say that it is an important fundamental building block at the basis of life, and that we all need it - most especially those of us who are working to bring new life onto the planet.

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Why don’t all of the doctors know about or recommend methylfolate? 

Well, I’d say a lot more know about it than we I first started in 2011 (no one had heard of it yet). Tragically, it often takes a medical fact about 20+ years to become a common medical practice - and we're just not there yet with the genetics and this domain. I would venture to say that if you’re having a lot of trouble with fertility and have gone to see some specialists, they might be more prone to understanding methylfolate and its importance as well as how the MTHFR gene variant affects folate metabolism.

Also, naturopaths who tend to focus more on natural solutions and treating root causes would likely have more exposure to methylation and MTHFR. But a traditional western medicine doctor that’s older may not have a lot of this knowledge (as it wasn't part of their training at the time). I might suggest you not waste your time trying to educate a doctor who does not already know about MTHFR or methylfolate (many doctors don’t tend to like patients who think they know more than them). Consider finding another doctor who knows about more about it and work directly with them.

How much methylfolate should I take during pregnancy, I’m supposed to take 4 mg of folic acid (a solid well-known mega dose), do I need the same amount of methylfolate? 

Well, probably not, but possibly. 

NeevoDHA was the first prescription prenatal vitamin released which has 1 mg of methylfolate in it. The question is, was that amount determined for all pregnant women or was that amount determined for those who do not have any MTHFR challenges? 

The doctor I work closely with recommends anywhere between 1-4 mg of methylfolate daily is probably a good amount for a pregnant woman.

  • probably 1 mg is enough if you’re not dealing with a faulty folate metabolism gene
  • maybe 3-4 mg is better if you are struggling with MTHFR or have had difficulties with miscarriage in the past
  • and maybe even a higher dose than that if you're prone to depression and are also pregnant (it's been shown in studies that L-Methylfolate at 7.5 mg and 15 mg doses is helpful for folks who suffer from depressive symptoms). CAVEAT: Be sure you're under the care of a doctor at these dosage levels, and especially if you're being treated for depression.

As with anything, it’s important to know whether or not you tolerate methylfolate well, so check out our side effects video to understand a bit more about them in case you are concerned. 

Most tolerate methylfolate at 1-4 mg (1,000-4,000 mcg) just fine, but as with all things, we’re all individuals and we’re all different and there will be some people who don’t feel good taking that amount of methylfolate.

A quick plug about our methylfolate – it’s the most pure version on the planet, testing out in the lab as having only 0.3% impurities which is 3 times lower than the leading brand (as tested by a former 35-year special folate chemist from Merck who is in Europe). 

Our Magnafolate® PRO is internationally patented and also the most identical to today’s pharmaceutical version, which means it’s built on a crystalline calcium salt molecule for maximum stability and therefore potency. 

We have only the 6S "active" isomer in our methylfolate – be careful not to get a racemic version of methylfolate that’s ‘cheap’, because there are plenty of ‘cheap’ methylfolates out there, however, they will be tainted with half of the nutrient including the "inactive" form (the 6R isomer) and it won’t be pure or high grade quality. 

The cheap methylfolates are also often much less potent/effective as well (they're built on an amorphous salt molecule which degrades at an alarming rate of approximately 16% a year, whereas our crystalline version degrades by only 1-2% a year). 

So, if you’re going to go with a methylfolate, go with a company who has been living, breathing and personally taking it themselves since 2011 – not just a company who is trying to make a quick buck by making you think you got a ‘good deal’ on your ‘cheap’ methylfolate. 

Don’t risk quality when it comes to your health and what you put into your body. Check us out at and start living your best life!



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