What Is The Best Methylfolate? Methylfolate Benefits Explained!

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What Is The Best Methylfolate? Methylfolate Benefits Explained!

What Is The Best Methylfolate? Methylfolate Benefits Explained!

Are you taking the best methylfolate in the world? How do you know?

You know you want the highest quality in a supplement if you’re going to put it into your body, the question is, how can you verify that quality? Stay with me and we’ll talk about the methylfolates on the market today and how they stack up.

Our Customer Success Story: 

"I have been selling methylfolate since 2012, long before most people had ever heard of it. I learned about it through a doctor who was able to save his son’s life using the nutrient. I was convinced not only by the science I learned from Dr. Rawlins, but also by my own personal journey as well as the responses my customers had with the nutrient. I went from 85 to 136 in terms of serotonin levels within a 3 month period, taking approximately 6 mg of methylfolate a day (the normal range for serotonin is 125-185). Methylfolate has changed my life and that’s why I became an expert and am obsessed with ensuring the methylfolate I take every day has the best chemistry, quality and is the purest on the planet."

1. Patented or not? Does it have to be in order to be the best? 

The answer is technically no, but historically, probably yes. If a company is going to take the time to file patents for a nutrient, you know they’re doing testing with it, which means they’re investing in its long-term future and they believe it’s got some solid wins. If it’s not patented, it may be fine, but it might be a cheaper copy-cat which hasn’t gotten a complete quality copy. I take a patented methylfolate (and make my products with this patented version), not because it’s patented, but because when I dug under the covers chemically and quality-wise, I found it to be the absolute best in the market.

2. How is our methylfolate best in class, you ask? 

First of all, the manufacturer has innovated and created the purest version of methylfolate you can buy, meaning they’ve created a proprietary process for micronizing the molecule size for optimal absorption by using sonification instead of the typical grinding process which the rest of the industry uses. This means that Magnafolate® PRO has the lowest impurities amount when measured against all of the others. The industry USP standard says no more than 2.5% impurities for methylfolate and many leading brands test at 0.9% impurities when measured, which is a lot better than 2.5%, however, our methylfolate averages 0.2-0.3% total impurities which is 3 times more pure than the other leading versions available today.

3. Okay, but what about chemically, how does it stand up? 

Well when you compare it to the industry leaders, all of the 3 patented methylfolates use only a version with the pure 6S isomer (it’s also labeled as L or 6S which is chemically identical – the science world refers to chiral molecules as either 6S or L or their chiral opposite versions as 6R or D). So what I'm saying is that it should have no inactive 6R isomer in it (but be careful of any non-patented version as it will likely be copy-cat created - and may actually contain this inactive part of methylfolate). Some companies create cheap methylfolate in a racemic form where they don't isolate the 6S isomer for consumption and throw out the 6R inactive part (they leave both parts in the nutrient you ingest), so it’s only ½ of the active ingredient and up to ½ of an inactive ingredient that actually competes for the same receptors in your body that the active ingredient needs. DL-5-Methylfolate is the chemical term for a racemic version which is only partially active (but many will not label their methylfolate with these details - so ask to see a Certificate of Analysis if you're curious and the methylfolate is too cheap to be true). Often the raw ingredient is 4+ times less expensive, so that could be why you’re getting a ‘cheap’ product.

4. What about stability and potency, that matters doesn’t it?

Absolutely, our methylfolate is built on a crystalline calcium salt molecule structure which makes it the most stable in the industry. Only two patented methylfolates are built on this same structure. Our Magnafolate® PRO is built on a Type C molecule which shows in the lab to be slightly more absorptive than the Type I molecule that the pharmaceutical version is built on. Both have excellent stability, and potency loss occurs at a super slow rate of 1-2% per year, whereas amorphous salt versions can lose up to 16% potency per year. One of the industry leaders has built their ingredient on a much less stable molecule type. We attempted an anecdotal test where we compared our Magnafolate® PRO to an industry leader by leaving both out in the open air under the same conditions. And after being left out in the open air for 30 days, we found our Magnafolate® PRO remained pretty much the same, a cream-based color, but when we compared it to the other industry leader’s methylfolate left out in the same open air for the same 30 days in the same conditions, we found it turned black in color – clearly oxidizing and not proving stable in the open air.

5. And the salt type, does that matter? 

Well it might possibly for some people. Glucosamine salt is one salt type and calcium salt is the other. Maybe a digestive upset or a rash, etc. could happen more with one of the other salt types, so it could be worth trying the other type if you have a reaction to one type of methylfolate. We moved to using the calcium salt based methylfolate in our products because it’s more stable and similar to the pharmaceutical brand. We also seemed to have less customer complaints regarding rashes or stomach & digestive issues when taking it. I think the moral of the story here is, if you are having a negative reaction to your methylfolate (and you know you took a version that was specifically glucosamine salt based), you may want to try a version built on the calcium salt type in case you find you tolerate it better (and vice versa of course) - at least before you give up on methylfolate altogether.

6. What about having a super long shelf life, would that be a good thing?

Well it would certainly prove the nutrient is stable and potent. We had the 35-year folate chemical specialist formerly from Merck test a number of our Methyl-Life products that were literally 5-year-old, just to see how they held up. And we found that they showed outstanding potency – the products were still fully potent according to the Supplement Facts, even after sitting for a full 5 years on the shelf. The other industry leader’s 5-year old products did not prove to still be fully potent, the results came in showing that the amount in the bottle no longer met the potency statements listed on the back of the bottle in the Supplement Facts panel.

7. Lastly, who do you want to trust with your methylfolate?

A company that sells vitamins, or an individual who is passionate about and has been taking methylfolate since 2011 and has made it their passion to understand the nutrient inside and out? 

I have a genetic condition requiring me to take the nutrient for the rest of my life and so I wanted to ensure that I'm taking the very best type of methylfolate that can produced on this planet. I spent a lot of time researching and trying different methylfolates and finally landed on what I believe is the very best one - this one I take each and every day of my life, so I don't want to overlook anything like impurities or potency. I also wanted to share my discoveries with folks like me, who are dealing with a genetic condition that requires a high quality nutrient that doesn't break the bank, and allows them to get some some life-changing health benefits.

If you're looking for a game-changing methylfolate, check us out, Methyl-Life is a family-owned business that "takes its own medicine" and sells products with the best methylfolate on the planet.

    Written By,
    - Jamie Hope



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